3 Practical Self-Care tips to boost your Mental Wellness

I started my journey of intentional self care a year ago and the results have been amazing. I have been more present and attuned to myself than I have ever been. If you are looking to improve your self care, here are 3 things you need that can jumpstart your wellness and give you an instant boost.

1. Journaling:

I have been journaling all my life (used to call them diaries) but somehow I dropped it when life got busy. After my therapist gave me prompts that required introspection, I started writing in my journal again and I have been doing this ever since.

At the roughest time, I would write in it about 3 times a day. It really helps clear my mind and achieve clarity. And I have realized that those burning questions we have or tough decisions can often be answered at the end of a journaling session. Nothing beats that last full stop followed swiftly by a sigh of relief.

You can try this gratitude journal or The 5 minute Journal that comes highly recommended.

2. Working out:

Going to the gym is something I always wanted to incorporate into my daily schedule. I never got into it because I wasn’t sure how I would learn to use the equipments without someone teaching me. From all the posts I had seen of people going to the gym, they all just seemed to know what to do. Early summer last year, I started feeling like I needed to start working. I started with morning walks then I randomly signed up for a free class in a nearby gym. That class kickstarted my interest.

I learned how to row, use the treadmill again (it had been a while since I hopped on that, was a bit intimidated and had to learn) and a bunch of other exercises. I didn’t sign up immediately but towards the end of the year, I got that same burning feeling again. I did and haven’t looked back ever since.

Working out is so good for your mental health, I wished that could have been emphasized sooner.

I have a whole list of workout clothes and this is my personal favorite.

3. Picking up new habits:

When you are down, it’s easy to feel defeated. Life has thrown you some punches, now it’s time to hit back. The fastest, most reliable way to do this is by learning new habits and mastering them. Mine started with workouts and gradually, this became an integral part of my daily schedule.

Eventually, this one thing that seemed so small impacted my life positively and caused a ripple effect. I was gradually feeling better and shifted my focus to getting into a morning routine. This gave me structure and energy throughout my day; seeing myself knock out one thing allowed me to transfer that eagerness and positivity to other areas of my life that needed attention. And it boosted my productivity too. Atomic Habits is a good book if you are starting out new habits and need some guidance.


If you’d like me to go in-depth on any of these topics, kindly send me a message on Instagram @memkohliving

Have a nice day and an exciting new month.


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