My Story

How does a Biomedical Engineer become a Stylist, become a Website designer and Branding Expert?

It all started with a dream. In college, engineering classes were stressing me out. I needed an outlet. I knew I could write and I needed one place to put all my passions together. I already had my first business that I started at 19 with my friend; I was running between engineering classes, other commitments and the post office to ship orders. It was thriving. The reviews were always exceptional. Every detail from the packaging down to the physical product was created with thoughtfulness and care.

Soon after, I started a blog. I needed more than a few stanzas for my thoughts and my niche poetry blog was not sufficient. Even at that young age, I knew the powerful impact of branding.

From a blog, I built a brand and for 8 years, I got to transform lives with carefully chosen outfits. Putting together the most unique and timeless outfits was my way of self-expression and it was rewarding to have people experience my craft. I worked with many women to boost their confidence with Personal Styling. I was offering virtual styling services before “virtual” became a thing.

When I wasn't styling, I found myself spending lots of evenings redesigning my website. It always had a new look every season and I was ahead of trends to ensure the best experience for my readers. During this time, I became more aware of the power of branding and soon became the go-to person for entrepreneurs in my network to reach out to for strategy, advise and the latest tools they should use for their business. I once shut down for a week to give my time for free consultations to help other entrepreneurs. People trusted me. I did all this while juggling grad school at Johns Hopkins before moving to San Francisco.
In the pandemic, my love of business strategy and working with creative entrepreneurs could not be hidden anymore. I hosted several free classes during the weekends to share my knowledge of photography, styling, product design and self photography to help people transition to the new ways of creating. A year later, I made the decision to stop taking clients in styling and wardrobe consulting and made a *90 degree pivot to brand strategy, consulting and web design. *It was always in plain sight.
My brand has always been known for timeless opulence and it is that same feel I bring into the world of website design and branding. So whether I’m styling, designing or branding, my goal is to help you turn your dreams into a lasting reality. My vision for my Creative Agency (now Studio), is to help others like me who are multi-talented to stop hiding and embrace all their gifts. Your dream customers are literally waiting for you.

Our Mission

What keeps us going



We want to help both new and existing brands transform their identities and see remarkable growth as a result



We are constantly learning and aim to educate creative entrepreneurs on the latest tools and tips



We inspire you to take on new challenges and identify opportunities to grow and scale for impact