an introduction.


being 30 for the last 30+ days has been a rollercoaster. some days, you feel like you have it figured out. other days, you are no better than a toddler learning how to walk. i am tired of the rude awakenings that creep into moments of triumph, so here is a space for us to gather and ponder on our newly found existential crisis.

turning 30 has been a blessing.

i feel like i have so much wisdom from the past decade ready to be passed down to the youngins.

will they listen?…

did we listen?…

did i listen?…

pat yourself on the back no matter how your life sways. figuring it out by 30 is the biggest lie we were told so why don’t we figure it out here together, bit by bit.

welcome to a corner of the internet dedicated for you, dear 30+ soul. may we rise, soar, conquer and still find rest and moments to treasure.

the fun is here.

– Memkoh

oh, and don’t forget to take your vitamins. (:


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