relationships. boundaries. and peace

i had the title for this blog post since june (yup, well before i published the first post) and now it’s november. 30 is definitely kicking my behind.

between self doubt and the negative voices in my head, the battles were beyond me. i am hopeful that i will soon find a community of people battling the same thing so we can lift each other.

so even though this is not quite like it was given to me, i will rest on the better late than never mantra. i should have written it down.



as we grow older, managing relationships becomes a herculean task. everyone is finding their way and relationships whether intimate, friendly or professional need to be handled with as much tact as life itself… because everything hinges on relationships.


a sign of love embedded in the sands with light around it
love, a symbol of hope


boundaries are important, not optional or negotiable and i think that sometimes because we want to maintain relationships, we are afraid to set or communicate our boundaries.

as you get older, you will realize that this cannot be further from the truth. while juggling and maintaining relationships is important, boundaries are importantER (yes, I said it and it’s the only time you will see capital letters on this website so it’s crucial.) if you don’t set boundaries, you are running yourself dry. i’m still in recovery from this so trust me, i know.

peace. i cannot over-emphasize what peace means to me now. it seems that as we age, most of what happens around us is a constant reminder of our inner state, whether we have peace or we don’t. i don’t care to mention all the detractors from our peace but one thing you and i should know is that viewing things from the lens of “is this adding to my peace or trying to take away from my peace?” can will save us a lot of headache.

and the last thing is love. love is in everything and everything is love. if you are able to practice love more than you yearn to receive it, things might just balance out even if you can’t quite master the others. i can testify on this too.

love is what held me strong even when i was falling apart due to a lack of boundaries. we can’t have everything or be everything to everyone, but if you focus on love, it quite literally will cover all your wrongs and stand in for you when you need it the most.

all we need is love.

so go out there, build relationships, set your boundaries (and enforce them) so you can have inner peace, all while showing and spreading love. it sounds like a herculean task, but you can do it! we can do it. we are capable of great things and inner peace too.

talk to you again soon.


little highlight: i cried my eyes out watching from scratch on netflix. have you seen it yet.

update: few hours after publishing this, i realize the title i was given was “relationships, balance and peace”. haha, go figure.


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