Amazon is on a roll, with fashion selections that can get to you in 2 days or less. Personally, that is my main attraction for shopping on Amazon. Retailers in US have to step up and stop delivering orders within 7 days if not, Amazon is coming for their market share. That reminds me, I shop from the UK and other European countries frequently and receive my order within 2-3 business days. So what is really stopping US retailers? I ordered from J. Crew a while ago and it took up to 3 weeks. I was frustrated and let’s just say I have not opened their website ever since.

Back to Amazon. One thing you need to know is that the quality depends on the retailer. So if that is your drawback, you have to do the work of combing through reviews, looking at size charts closely and even checking what influencers are saying on Tiktok and Instagram.

With that being said, I have vetted the following items and blazers are a must-have in every woman’s closet, and especially for Spring.

Starting with my favorite… Ok let me not be biased. Let’s start with a basic we can all use in our closets.

1. Black Blazer

You have a black blazer, right? Up until last summer, I didn’t. I had a suit jacket obviously, but not that casual, oversized Black blazer. In a series of YouTube videos, I eventually added this staple to my closet and outdid myself by getting 2 black blazers in one season. I know. And I don’t like black clothes. More like if there’s black and several other colors, I’ll skip over the black, save it “for later”, get the colored one and never come back to it. Then I realized I didn’t have those basic pieces you throw with everything like black pants, black blazers, black tops, so I started working to fix it. Here’s your reminder.

If all you buy is black, I’m looking at you. Keep scrolling for what you need. Do us a favor and get a colored item, haha. (don’t worry I’m gradually filling up my closet with lots of black. It’s an awesome and versatile color, I get it).

Get this blazer here | Comfy black blazer

2. Striped Blazer

I need this one. A striped blazer is an essential I did not know I needed.

Get this blazer here

3. Oversized Blazer

So you have a regular blazer, maybe you have tons of them. But do you have an oversized blazer? This one comes in many colors so whatever you prefer, you will find the right oversized blazer for you.

One word of advise in relation to sizing for oversized items is, stick with your regular size. Sometimes, you may have to size down. Just pay attention to reviews and size chart.

Get this blazer here

If you struggle with getting the perfect blazer because they come up too tight, I would go two sizes down on an oversized blazer to have that regular fit. Just a styling tip. Sometimes it’s not about the price of an item or the store or brand you get it from, it’s all about the fit.

4. Nude Blazer

You need a neutral colored blazer or several in your closet. You can choose tan colors that tend to brown or lighter blush nude shades. Whatever your decision, a nude blazer is the solid base for that “it” outfit for Spring.

Get this blazer here | I really like this brown one

5. Blue Blazer

There are few things that make Spring complete and a light blue blazer is one of them. I can’t imagine doing Spring without this color in my closet. For the last 5 years, I have without fail enjoyed the benefits of a powder blue shade on my skin. It’s glorious, I tell you.

Get this blazer here | Other blue blazers you might like Casual blazer, Light Blue front lapel blazer, Business Casual blazer

6. White Blazer

Okay I was ready to end on the last option but hey, why will I leave out a white blazer. You need it going into Summer, so don’t be afraid to grab one of these styles. You can dress up a white blazer with matching white pants, your favorite pair of shorts or a denim split skirt which is a hot trend for Spring 2023.

Get this blazer here | Everyday white blazer, Casual blazer with shoulder pad, Oversized white blazer with tortoise-shell buttons, Single button blazer, Really oversized white blazer, Double pocket blazer

One thing you need to decide about your white blazer is: do you want the button to be plain white for a seamless look or not? That will change everything and how you shop for a white blazer. I added numerous options above including some with tortoise-shell buttons like this one that I love.

I missed writing and I will be back with tons of posts to help you shop and get ready for the new season. Something about Spring brings hope and I am keying into it, I hope you do too.

Have a swell day!


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