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How to Significantly Improve your Mornings

So many articles that touch on this topic always include “Have a morning routine.” I used to turn my nose up at it, as someone who detests routines, but I must say that the few mornings I have performed clock-work mouse duties have led to significantly better days. No kidding.


There is something about knowing what’s next and what’s after that, and just doing things in a particular order that gives you peace. However, this is not another article on why you need a morning routine. I’m sharing with you what works for me and what I hope to try, so here goes.

1. Pray: If you don’t pray, you are putting the burden of the expectations of that day onto your shoulders. I’d rather leave it to someone else, God.

2. Lay your bed: Yes, you heard me. Your mother always told you to lay your bed but you didn’t listen. In high school, I couldn’t function on the days I didn’t quite wake up early and had to forsake laying my bed to leave the hostel in time. Those were the worst days. I’d literally sit in our two morning classes, thinking of how I’d tear into my room and put my bed in order once we go back to the hostel for breakfast. And I always did. Then my day would start.
Now I don’t lay my bed religiously every morning, but on the days that I do, I’m limitless.
Can you imagine coming home to a scattered bed after a long day, versus coming home to that hotel-style-neatly-nipped-and-tucked-lush-bed-with-plush-pillows? Yeah, I knew you’d pick the latter.
Go lay your bed!

Developing Good Morning Habits or Routine by Memkoh
Such a dreamy bed! Why won’t you lay yours? Picture by Rhema Kallianpur

P.s. something happened on Thanksgiving. I was about to have a crazily full day and I had no idea how I’d split myself between the two places I was invited for dinner. I hadn’t cooked my portion of the Thanksgiving meal either. It was almost 2pm. Before the craziness as I was getting ready to leave, something told me to lay my bed. Huh? It’s 2pm and dinner is at 6 and I should lay my bed? Reluctantly, I listened.
Dear friends, at the end of the day, both dinners attended, my portion of food for each of them miraculously cooked, I crawled into my bed with soooo much joy.

Yes, I deserved it, I laid my bed.

3. Drink tea (or coffee): Perhaps, this is why that coffee picture prompted me to write this article. America runs on coffee (sorry, Dunkin Donuts) but drinking tea can significantly improve your mornings. Ok, fine. I’ll include coffee too for the coffee lovers. I’m not sure what it is, whether it’s the hot water used to make tea/coffee that slaps our brains into order but drinking tea, coffee or a beverage (oh, hi hot chocolate) sets you up for success for the rest of the day. This is something I need to get into, as I find it difficult to walk to my kitchen every morning. I am an entrepreneur if you are wondering, a homepreneur for that matter (or shall we say a bedpreneur?)Hi bed, kindly remind me to grab a cup of Chai tea every morning before I crawl back into you. Thanks in advance :)If you can grab a full breakfast or a truncated one, slip that in as well. It helps.

How to Improve your Mornings - Get a morning routine
Mmmmm…coffee! Looks pretty but I’ve never had coffee. Ever. Picture by Michał Grosicki

4. Read something: It could be a newspaper or an article or a chapter of a book or an audio book you have been listening to. Just make sure you read something every morning. Feeding your brain cells with knowledge puts you in a position to succeed every day and how to speak intelligently. You never know, something you read can come up at a work meeting and you’ll be excited that you had picked up that information beforehand. Everyone across the table will think you are oh-so-intelligent and maybe you are, but it’s simply because you consumed and retained information earlier on in the day.

Developing Good Morning Habits or Routine by Memkoh
With a book this gorgeous, why won’t you read? Picture by Rhema Kallianpur

If you are in college, this may sound like a drag but yes, please try to read a few sentences every morning before you go to class. Trust me, it makes a difference. I know a lot of commuters read or listen to an audiobook on their way to work, so if you love books and you commute, why not add this to your schedule? If you are like me and you are signed up for every newsletter in the world, skimming through your email every morning could be your way of reading something (if you actually click on the links in the newsletters). I used to beat myself up for not reading as much as I used to, until I realized that I actually read a lot. One article here and one article there and it eventually adds up. The goal is to feed your brain with useful information and enhance its processing abilities. It’s like getting to the office and not having anything to do. For one day or two days, it may be cool. But after a year of having nothing to do, you will feel like a waste. It’s the same way our brain feels when you don’t deliberately give it anything to do. Alright, that’s it. Go and feed your brain today.

If there’s anything you’d like to add, please leave it in the comments below. If you noticed, I did not say “Get a Rock-Solid Routine” but by outlining these things, I’m sure you have a better idea of what an ideal morning should look like. Pick one or two things you’d like to implement and run with it.

It will make the difference.

How could I forget to add that you should…

5. Work Out? Thanks to my friend’s Snap, I totally remember that moving your body early in the morning is good for you. As you can tell from the tone of my voice, I don’t do this.
Guilty as charged!

Good early morning habits by Memkoh
Climbing out of my bed is a work out on its own. Feels like rock climbing, doesn’t it? Picture by Andreas Fidler

Oh, please let’s throw in one more thing.

6. Take Your Morning Showers. You don’t have to do this one for yourself. Do this for the rest of us and our unsuspecting noses, please. Ok to be very honest, showering early in the morning wakes you up, in a way neither tea nor coffee can.

Good early morning habits by Memkoh
What a good Shower feels like. Picture by Mi Pham

And with this… I’m off to the only concert I never have to pay for. Take a wild guess. *screams Kelly Clarkson’s Whole Lotta Woman in shower* or try Love So Soft. Her new album, Meaning of Life is amaze-ing!

Ok, I didn’t say click links and further distract yourself but hey, sliding over to ShopMemkoh won’t hurt either. 😉

– Memkoh

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