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Athleisure Styling for Men and Women

Athleisure is another word for bum-made-cool. You know, staying at home in comfy clothes all day is everyone’s dream but for those times you can’t really afford to stay at home because duty calls, you can still look comfortable and almost wrapped up in your blanket, only that you are out running errands or doing regular human stuff.

We invited Shola Aroniyo, a Houston-based stylist to show us his take on Athleisure for men, while we at Memkoh handled the female styling. Pictures are below.

Athleisure Styling for Men

Stylist: Shola Aroniyo @roniyor


Don’t you just love his T-shirt which reads, “If life gives you pepper, make Pepper-Soup”, designed by @ofilidesigns?

We love Shola’s take on Athleisure, with gray sweatpants that are in line with the gray-overcast season. His photos were taken by @hopeobadan and editing was done by @memkoh.


Athleisure Styling for Women

Stylist: Memkoh @memkoh

Photos @my fraaannzzz 🙂


My look was well, what birthed this collaboration. I fell in love with this jogger and sweatshirt combo and I am glad we could showcase Athleisure for both men and women.

So, what’s your take on Athleisure going to be? Tag us on Instagram when you try or modify our looks (@memkoh @roniyor).

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Thank you for always sticking around to view our content 🙂


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