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How to Overcome Fear

You may have read in yesterday’s post that the major thing which stood between me and publishing my first book, SILENCE THE NOISE was a bit of self-doubt and a lot of fear. In March 2017 at the time when I was struggling, I penned this article which gave me the courage to write my book in earnest. I hope it helps you too.

What is Fear?

I am not going to sit here and tell you that you will never be afraid or fearful of anything or any situation. Fear is a normal human reaction to anything we are unfamiliar with or uncertain of the outcome. Therefore, before any big project or a big task, what typically precedes is fear, whether outwardly shown or subliminal. It is always there.

Fear is our uncontrollable reaction towards the unknown. It is the uncertainty that comes as a result of feeling inadequate or thinking that you are not enough. As a result, fear can lead to an unusual cycle of self-doubt, mistrust, pain and often times, despair.

Below, I will attempt to enlist the best ways I have come to and am still trying to apply to combat fear.


Fear can lead to an unusual cycle of self-doubt, mistrust, pain and oftentimes, despair. Fear can lead to an unusual cycle of self-doubt, mistrust, pain and oftentimes, despair.


“Fear is the uncertainty that comes as a result of feeling inadequate or thinking that you are not enough. ”

— Memkoh

Overcoming Fear

  1. Know that you are enough: Your abilities, your passion, your hard work, your dedication. Consider them enough to embark on this new journey. No, you are not 100% but you are human so your flaws are allowable to an extent. What you currently have in you is enough for the journey ahead.
  2. Look at the journey so far: Yes, from infancy. You were once unable to walk or run but after tugging on everyone’s clothes to be carried, which at a certain age probably got ignored, you mustered up the courage within your little self to sit, then crawl then walk. There’s nothing harder than that. You are spending the rest of your life basically going from sitting, to crawling, to walking and eventually running. You’ve done those things before so it ain’t so new, is it? And I apologize if you are reading this and using an assist device of some sort to aid your mobility. I’m not sure thinking back to the time when you were painfully learning to use those devices is quite an unpleasant memory, but if it helps, look at how far you have come now 🙂
  3. Understand that you have every thing you need: We often use the lack of money as a crutch not to chase our dreams or live our best possible selves but the truth is that you have what it takes to propel you to the next destination which will in turn bring the money. Truth be told, your best projects will be done at the time you have little to no income, because that is when your creativity is at its peak. You are still excited about what you do and you are either constantly proving yourself (outward competition) or you are outdoing your old self for your personal records (inward competition). For my best photoshoot to date (I am a Stylist), I spent $14 on props.Money matters aside, everything you need is carefully tucked within you. Stars are not made, they are born and in every single one of us is a star. Some choose to use it wrongly or exchange their star for another out of jealousy and ignorance, while others tend to use it wisely as was intended. The choice is yours but whatever you choose, know that you have been equipped with all the tools to get you to your next destination. Don’t screw it up or trade your tools for someone else’s.
  4. Prayer: I mean, if I could “blame” it on someone, why not blame it on my Creator, the manufacturer? “Factory defect” you may call it, but we all know fear is a flaw and God did not create us to be fearful. He wants us to be courageous and live out our purpose while serving Him. The problem is that we are always after option A and not so much option B. Serving God wholeheartedly positions you in the best way to revoke or overpower fear, so when it seems like you have been overpowered by fear, then maybe you are not in the right standing with God. (Wow! I’m so guilty of this as I type but I will share this as it came. I guess this explains why I am always pushing tasks till the next day…)

I hope these pointers help you to navigate out of the hole of fear whenever it tries to suck you in.

Be blessed and courageous. I will attempt to overcome my tasks starting now…

– Memkoh

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