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My Book Launch and How to Style a White Top with a Striped Skirt #SILENCETHENOISE

July saw the soft launch of my new book, Silence the Noise. You probably saw that in our Memkoh Newsletter. If you are not subscribed, you should fix that here.

Since then, we have been working tirelessly to bring this book to you. It is finally here, and here is a quick summary of what it entailed, after which I will show you what the book looks like and the description I had at the back of my book.

Firstly, I was inspired by my experiences and I wanted to share all of them. It definitely hasn’t been easy building myself and most especially this brand. A lot of people ask me, “How do you do it?” and after reading this book, I believe you will have all the answers to that question. 

The problem came halfway between February and April this year, when I began to doubt myself. I wanted to run from sharing my story. I questioned why God wanted me to share things about myself And if you know me very well, you would know that I don’t like talking about myself in great detail.

A few months went by and after missing my publishing target which was my graduation date, I began to buckle down and put that fear aside. I accepted that now is the time for me to share my story the best way I know how. There was a book I read in college about a former Vogue editor who wrote a book with the aid of only his eyes. He would blink for the person who aided him with the book to translate and write the words for the book. I asked myself, “What if…” and I realized that now is the time. I decided to take the plunge because nobody knows what tomorrow holds and trust me, once God puts something in your heart, followed with the ability to execute it, you better move right there and then.

Consequently, I spent most of my summer writing and editing this book. The motivation was to share my experiences to encourage other young adults like myself to keep pushing and be ready to weather any storms they may face. My faith plays a huge role in my life and I divulge a lot of information about that, as well as my upbringing and really impactful people and opportunities I have created. In summary, I am grateful for the journey so far and I strongly believe that this book will not just end here. By sharing my story, I have already inspired others to do same and I hope that we keep this cycle going. I don’t really want to call it a memoir, so you’ll rarely hear me talking about my book in this way. It is a culmination of experiences and stories that have shaped me and in turn, how you can apply those things to your life.

Silencing the noise is the best way I have known how to live my life and I hope that you embrace this new ideology.

— Memkoh

I’ve had a few eyes go over this book and the reviews have been great. It is now ready for your consumption and I cannot wait for you to tell me your favorite bits. I decided to self-publish, instead of taking the traditional route. We’ll talk about this in detail later.

For now, I hope you enjoy my book, Silence the Noise. I changed the title a few weeks to publication. One day, I’ll tell you why. šŸ˜‰

Here is a huge thank you to everyone who has encouraged me this far and you, my Memkoh audience for reading, clicking and just being there to consume the works of my hands and heart. 

I love you!


Unveiling OUR Book, SILENCE the NOISE

Silence the Noise by Memkoh
Silence the Noise by Memkoh


We also have mugs which you could get with or without the book. Use the buttons below to be redirected to the order page. I look forward to shipping out a signed copy of my book to you.



Since we are always styling around here, below are pictures of an amazingly simple outfit I rocked recently – a white top and a black/white striped skirt with magenta heels. 


These pictures were taken and edited by Seyi Albert, Founder of Iyali Fresh. Check out his amazing website here. We did an interview with him on this day. Stay tuned and get ready to be inspired.

Have a lovely day,

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