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JULY 4 Outfit: Striped One-Shoulder Dress

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

We had to do something special for you, our Loyal Memkoh audience. Sit back and enjoy the pictures. I also had an encounter while shooting this look solo. I’ll share it after the pictures, with my Top 6 recommendations for bloggers or soon-to-be bloggers.

UPDATE: We added another look to this, featuring flats.

Also, you know from our Summer Favorites post that we looovvveee stripes, especially blue and white stripes or pinstripes. You also know that we are sick of the off-shoulder trend. However, we are here for one-shoulder and with this post, our aim is to keep you ahead 😉


LOOK 1: Green Heels & One-Shoulder Dress


LOOK 2: Gold Slides & One-Shoulder Dress



Safety Tips for Bloggers

Dear Bloggers, please be safe! When I shot this look, I must admit that I threw caution to the wind. Case in point, a car that was parked for over 30 minutes just to the left hand side of these pictures was actually an unsolicited creeper. As soon as I got done with my shoot and dropped my things in my car, this car was already where you see the lamp post, ready to make a right turn and follow me. I turned on my ignition as soon as I spotted him in my rear mirror and began to drive straight ahead. I had wanted to turn around, but the road as you can see was too narrow. I kept driving and not too long after, spun around right in the middle of the road, blocking him sort of, because he had caught up to me by now. The good thing was that I was already facing the opposite direction and since he couldn’t go any further as I blocked him to make my turn, I was able to escape. His window was down and he waved, I think in an attempt to say something. I ran away!

If you are a blogger or aspiring blogger, here are some things to keep in mind when you shoot.

  1. Never ever go out alone to shoot. I had called my friend to assist me but he was at work. Most of my friends work and I badly needed to put something together for July 4.
  2. If you go out to shoot alone, avoid parks, lonely recreational centers, deserted roads and other places with little or sparse human traffic. Even in crowded places, things can go wrong, how much more deserted areas?
  3. Stay away from parks altogether. Only go here if you have a photographer, preferably a male one. If you are with another female, you are placing both yourselves in danger if someone is lurking nearby.
  4. Never ever shoot alone at sundown. It was 7pm when I left my house, a very stupid move I made. Granted, it wasn’t going to get dark until after 8pm but it was still too late to go out alone and do something of this manner which requires a prolonged period of running back and forth to pose, then to my camera.
  5. The best resolve is to shoot indoors. I have a home studio and had just ordered a wrinkle-free background before heading out so I think I will be shooting indoors for a while unless I get help. Get a home studio. It is not too expensive. Hopefully I can show you my setup one of these days when I get it right.
  6. Be vigilant! A passerby who turned out to be a photographer helped me take some head shots. In retrospect, he had stylishly pointed at that car as he told me “Be careful out here” before running off. Had I not put that together with my confusion as to why that car was parked for so long, I would have taken my time to put my equipment back in my car and this person would have caught up to me in the process. But I was aware of someone watching, followed my instincts and literally threw my things in the back seat and zoomed off. My friend says that was God himself who came to my rescue and I agree.

All in all, I am grateful to God for saving my life. Anything could have gone wrong but He chose to keep me so that I can share this and hopefully save other bloggers from the possibility of a similar encounter.

Have a wonderful July 4th holiday and please be safe!

Your Stylist,

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