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Everything we are loving for Summer ’17 | STYLE

It’s Shopping Saturdaayyyyyyyy! As much as I want you to drop whatever you are doing and head over to the Memkoh Shop, I also want to bless you with these few items I have been obsessing over for weeeekkkss and I think you absolutely need some of them!

1. Palm Prints (also known as Tropical Prints)

I have been saving every item in palm prints for the last month or so in anticipation of this post. From shoes, to clothes like rompers, tops, dresses, you’ll find them all below. Knock yourself out 😉

You can also get this pair of shoes on our Memkoh Shop.


2. Straw Bags

You know straw bags are a must-have for all your beach trips. We even have a straw bag on the Memkoh Store for half the price. Check these out too.


3. Blue and White Stripes, or just Blue & White anything!

This is one thing I never got a chance to post on last summer. It’s blue and white stripes and my complete love for anything in those colors! I’m not a huge fan of Zara but whenever I walk in, I fall head over heels with their blue and white items on display. I love this pairing so much that I overcame my disdain and bought a striped shirt from them last summer and a jumpsuit this summer which I returned, but blue and white will always have a place in my heart, especially the light blue and white stripes combo. 


4. Yellow-everything!

You saw my yellow dress in our 6 Days of Spring Style series, right? And you saw my yellow shoes in this post last summer too, yes? P.s. It was actually a yellow shoe and bag combo, so you get my obsession with yellow. Fun fact: Yellow used to hurt my eyes when I was a kid. Now? Amen to being saved!


5. One-Shoulder

Move over, off shoulder, one-shoulder is here to stay.


Think these are too expensive when bought separately? You need a Memkoh Box and you can specify which of these styles you’d like included in your box for $180. See all our plans here.

Head over to the Memkoh Shop to stock up as well. We’ll be expecting your order. 😉

Also, where are you going for vacation? Tell me in the comments below. I’ll create another post shortly on what to pack for your vacay but for now, I hope you loved everything we are loving this summer and feel free to also leave a comment stating what you’d love to wear this summer.

Don’t forget to check out the Memkoh Box as well. It’ll save you tons of money.

Your Personal Shopper,

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