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Newsletter Archives 5 | “Never Quit” says that Trump guy

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“Never Quit” says that Trump guy

Today, I’m not the one talking; it’s that Trump guy. Not sure how many of you are fans of Donald Trump, but let’s pretend for 5 seconds that Trump and I are besties. 

He said “Never Quit”. And so do I.

“Do not Quit” is an easier phrase to spew out. “Do not” is giving you permission to decide when and when not to. It is not half as heavy as “never”. “Never” means you have no option and you really don’t, if you truly want to succeed (except you have a trust fund in which case, you should definitely add me on).

Being persistent at what you do is not an option…for your own good.

Keep moving like this bus does.
Keep moving like this bus does.

Generation Now will try to make you believe that if it is not happening now, it will never happen and so you need to move on to something else. False! In the documentary I watched, Trump said “You can change…but never quit”. 

– Memkoh x Trump

Alright, our 5 mins of being bffs with Trump is over (don’t blame me; just warming up to him in case he becomes president) *P.s. We sent out this newsletter before Trump became president.*

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