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#MenswearMonday | Men’s Summer Outfit Guide

Oh hayyyyyyyy! (I don’t know why I’m so excited! We’ve not had a men’s style post on the blog in forever! Hope you have been up to date with our Instagram page @MemkohMen)

Our Summer Men’s outfit guide is here 🙂 Make sure you read it and start building your summer shopping list. We’ll be here with our Memkoh Men Box if you need any help.

1. Classic White Tee

If you don’t have this already, don’t bother reading the rest of this post. Run out and grab yourself a couple of white tees for summer and thank us later. You can read the rest of this post on your way home from the store 😀


2. Basic Solid Colored Shorts

For starters, you need some solid colored shorts as one of your basics this summer. Get one in every color if you like. You will need it as the base of many fun summer outfits. 


3. Printed Shorts

Now that you have solid colored shorts in your closet, we feel you can graduate to adding printed shorts. Not only do they add fun to your wardrobe, they ensure that you attract the cutest girls on the beach. 😉


4. Boat shoes

If there are any shoes you need this summer, it’s boat shoes. They all kinda look the same – mostly browns – but the blue ones standout so you might want to have a navy and a brown. Think variety 😀


We’ll add more to this list next week.

If you liked this post, please share it. We need more well dressed guys this summer.

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– Memkoh

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