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STYLE | Affordable Opulence to TIMELESS Opulence

You may remember our Affordable Opulence campaign. What was merely a mid-Fall campaign turned into our slogan.

Today, we are making a major change. You see, last year during our scheduled Memkoh Meetup in D.C where no one showed, we came up with “Affordable Opulence” as the tag line for a Memkoh campaign. If you are subscribed to our Newsletter, you probably know all about that and the thought process that went into defining what exactly Affordable Opulence meant and why it was important that we stress the affordability of our services. It extended far beyond our campaign to what we were known for. This isn’t changing very much.

We still aim to provide affordable style (or luxury, depending on the size of your pocket). Affordability will never be an issue as we believe you will be willing to spend your money and time on any services that will benefit you. Our array of styling and personal shopping services both for men and for women are not an exception.

For these reasons and more, we will be officially switching from “Affordable Opulence” to “TIMELESS Opulence”.

We are now putting an emphasis not on the prices, but on the quality of our services.

Our website home page has had Timeless Opulence on it since the crack of Spring, but we were still toying with the idea to test how it sounds, to see if we really liked it and to know if you were opposed to it (we welcome email suggestions with open arms). We then realized we had been maintaining a split identity by leaving “Affordable Opulence” on our Instagram bio and “Timeless Opulence” on our website homepage. It is time to make it all come together.



When you think of getting shopped for or styled by Memkoh, we don’t want you to think of a price tag, we want you to immediately know what you will get from your appointment because there is something timeless about the desire to add value. And that’s our aim.

There is something timeless about the desire to add value

— Memkoh

Timelessness and effortlessness are our watchword and we are happy now more than ever to continuously project that in all that we do.

Opulence is an attitude.

Opulence is a way of life.

And if it TIMELESS, it means we are never going back. It means that once you assume the attitude and thinking of being opulent, acting opulent, and living opulently, you cannot settle for less, ever!

Opulence does not make noise. Your life and actions speak for you. In the style sense, your clothes and the way you carry yourself speak for you. 

We hope you love the new us, as we strive to constantly add value around here.



The pictures reflect a second spin of an outfit you’ve already seen; we styled the white ruffle top from our Spring Lookbook in a second way. Now, that’s value and we promise to do more of this.

A pair of pants in bold navy color with muted floral pattern and a ruffle top, (jacket optional) make this the perfect transitional outfit, whether you’re at work or out on the town. We particularly love how these pants can be dressed up or down and look forward to take more spins in it. You’ll be the first to see the evidence of course 😉 


All Photos are by Gbenga Sogbetun


Thank you to everyone who made this possible, from those who commented on our initial post in the Fall, voting on whether “opulence” was a good choice of words to our two branding expert friends who recently got us thinking hard. Thank you as well to my ladies who voted on what cover image to use to reflect this major change. Our able photographer is not left out of this either; thank you Mr. Gbenga!

To you guys who are always reading and always sharing, we appreciate you all for your support.

Let’s add that TIMELESS spin to your style and life, and make it stay forever!

– Memkoh

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