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Memkoh in the Mid-West: My Trip to Indianapolis

Spring is for traveling…

And so I did.

Only that, I was not appropriately packed for my trip because it was supposedly summer. You see, I have this behavior (and maybe you do too) that once I see a crack of sunshine in the Spring, it’s already summer in my head. Admittedly, the week I left, it was warm so I felt justified to travel with just a longline sweater. Wrong move!!! I ended up buying a trench coat during my trip and that added a layer of warmth, but not so much. The winds in Chicago and Indianapolis weren’t too kind to me so I tried to enjoy myself indoors as opposed to going out and exploring the city. A day before my departure, my host, Onyeka took me around and we had a blast 🙂



I spent a night in Chicago with my friend and it rained. Of course I got soaked. From what I could see, Chicago is a nice place. I would love to go back and actually see places like the bean, the lake and other attractions. So for the rest of this post, don’t expect to see a mention of Chicago because technically, I’m yet to visit…Amen?

Now who’s getting that ticket for me, eh? 😀



The next day, I hopped on the bus to Indiana where I spent the entirety of my trip, as opposed to returning to Chicago later in the week. It was a lot more convenient for me, as the bus ride back to Chicago would have been about 4 hours.

I wasn’t ready for that hassle, so my friend and I decided to make the best of my short trip. She took me around, showing me attractions like the canal (or river or stream?) that they turn green on St. Patty’s day, some historic buildings then we ended up in the mall. I won’t pretend like that wasn’t my favorite part of the day!

Make sure you catch up on her stories on Things They Should Know.
Make sure you catch up on her stories on Things They Should Know.

We ended the night with Chinese food and some Nigerian movies on IrokoTV. Although I didn’t visit for too long, I made sure I saw as much of downtown Indianapolis as I could, with my improperly dressed self. You will see it in the pictures; they are hilarious! The jacket and scarf I’m wearing are Onyeka’s. She was kind enough to save me from myself. lol. I made sure I picked a scarf I knew is her favorite. 



And if you’re wondering how Indie is, I suggest you visit; it’s a good place for the soul – peaceful, cultured and chill. Oh and Yeka’s colleagues I met were absolutely friendly. Maybe next time I visit, she will take me to see some live performances. Speaking of live performances, I watched my friend singing in church during their rehearsal and it was the most beautiful thing ever especially because when I met her, I called her “hummingbird”. She really is!

Go check out her podcast where she co-hosts with 3 other women – NYAC Podcast. They are so intelligent!

Enjoy the rest of my trip in pictures.


Why didn't I allow this woman to run in peace? LOL!
Why didn’t I allow this woman to run in peace? LOL!


Thank you Onyeka for having me, and especially for taking these beautiful pictures. Looking at them, you probably can’t tell that I was cold but I really was. I guess that’s what happens when you have great company and a personal photographer 🙂

Thank you Indy, for the memories. Who’s next? *chuckles*

– Memkoh

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