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6 Days of Spring Style Day 6: Tiered Dress

Helloooo! Are you as excited as I am? Today marks the 6th and final day of our 6 Days of Spring Style series and I am so happy to have been able to do this for you. Let’s take a look at our final look, the tiered dress.

If you’ve missed the rest of the series, there are links at the end of this post to every single one of them 🙂


I love this look because it’s easy both in it’s overall look and even putting it together required no work. Tiered dresses have my heart and I plan to get a maxi one really soon. But for now, this light blue short tiered dress is the truth! Hope you get one 🙂

We’ve made it to the end of this series. I want to say a huuuggge thank you to every one of you for your encouragement and for sticking through this series.

I won’t lie to you but I got tired of posting by the fourth day because I don’t enjoy being on your timelines every second, but this had to be done and I’m glad I broke out of whatever shell I put myself in. Hope this encourages you to step out and be bold in whatever endeavor you choose.

To my amazing photographer, Mr Gbenga Sogbetun, thank you for believing in me and for making this come to life better than I ever imagined. Our early morning studio session was sooo worth it!

Thank you!
– Memkoh


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