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STYLE | Spring Trends you will soon see everywhere

We are not talking about embroidery and florals here. Those are basic.

Hello and happy Tuesday! Hope the weather isn’t too bad where you are. 

We are sharing this post because over the years of being a personal stylist, I have developed a good eye for styles before they become mainstream and I’m usually right. It starts with this weird penchant for something and a season or two after I’ve dropped the item to the bottom of my closet, it becomes a trend. 

So I thought I’d share with you some new styles I’m feeling so that you can grab them ahead of the season before they become trends. I’ve grabbed a few for myself which I’ll obviously show you but while they are on their way to me, use this post as your guide this season. 🙂

Also, if you don’t care for shopping, I am always here for you. The Memkoh Spring Box launches in a day, so get ready with your list for your personal shopper to fulfill. Your list can be as long as or as short as…you just have to choose the right plan or come up with your own budget. I’ve filled a client’s box with 40+ items based on he request. I’m happy to work with you. If you don’t know what you would like in your box, I can totally surprise you.

In no particular order,

Spring/Summer Trends 2017

1. Open back or Split back tops

I overdosed on these during my current haul. Last year, I predicted split back tops would be hot this summer here.

Where to find Open back or Split Back Tops

2. Tiered Dresses

This one from Lulus has my heart but I’m not spending $90+ on a dress when I’ve got bills bills bills! If you get this, please tag me on Instagram – @memkoh. Wear it for me 😉 I think it also reminds me of what Beyonce wore in that video where she was smashing cars. remind me…

Lulus dress
Lulus dress

Other options for tiered or layered dresses

3. Ruffles

After seeing those tiered dresses, it’s only natural we follow it up with ruffles. Ruffles will be hot this season and I’m here for anything with nice details, so here are some of my favorites.

I particularly love dresses and tops with ruffle sleeves, which can double as tiered ruffle sleeves.

Again, this ruffled Lulus dress is what dreams are made of.
Again, this ruffled Lulus dress is what dreams are made of.

Ruffle tops, dresses and skirts you can shop

Some fabulous options from Revolve – here, here and here.

Or you can explore the nice variety from ASOS here and start adding to cart profusely.

4. Culotte Jumpsuits

Funny story here. I did culottes and jumpsuits at least two seasons before they became a trend. The reason is because whenever I shop, I buy things I like, regardless of whether they are trends or not. I had moved on so fast from culottes before the fashion world embraced them and now, culotte jumpsuits are here, an unlikely yet worthy union. I don’t care so much for them if not you would have seen me in them as early as last year when I first spotted the style in stores. Or maybe I didn’t quite find the ones I like. Or maybe I was broke. Regardless, they are on my list this summer and they should be on yours too. 

5. Tie front tops

I had thought these will have a huge moment last year, but off-shoulder tops took preeminence. It will be slower of an adoption because people can’t have enough of the off-shoulder trend (sick of it) and also, your first inclination is to say “oh, why buy a tie front top when I can tie my own?”. But when you get dressed to step out, you might forget to knot your top. Anyways, we conquered this trend for a client in 2014 so hello backwards fashion world.

6. Mules

You want me to talk about shoes too, don’t you? 

Mules are not a trend to look forward to. It’s a backward trend but the fashion world is just catching on. So let’s see what mules are worthy of your buck. I remember having one to sell some years ago and it took at least a year for someone to buy, obviously because mules weren’t trending. I posted it severally and people would just keep scrolling. Today, dare I post a mule and it’ll fly off in seconds. Do you see why I hate trends? People always wait to follow, copy, replicate. No one ever wants to have a mind of their own and step out and grab something and make it theirs. It’s my least favorite thing about being a stylist and is especially common among women who always want to look like their friends or outdo their ex’s new girl. More individuality please!!!

Okay, mules.  

7. Wrap Dresses, Skirts and Tops

Wrap maxi dresses are my favorite! They make for great occasion wear and casual summer outfits as well. Double points if you can find a dress that doubles as both, ensuring you go from work to play effortlessly. Here at Memkoh, we have been loving wrap dresses for a while and even did a post outlining some we had for sale last year. 

Wrap dresses are also very figure flattering so if you have a ton of hips and are worried that most styles don’t fit you without looking too clingy, wrap dresses are for you. Even people with slender frames can use wrap dresses to add more volume or accentuate what they already have.

I’m rocking them regardless. There’s this shoot I styled featuring wrap dresses and you’ll see the pictures soon. In the meantime, here are your options. 

Hot Wrap Dresses for Summer 2017

I want you to understand that following a trend just because is not a good idea.

Being stylish and taking charge of your style requires that you step out of your comfort zone once in a while to try out new styles, even if they are not trending yet.

Ready to refresh your closet this Spring?

Your stylist will gladly help you shop for styles to fit your budget. Simply fill the contact form below and let us know what you are feeling this Spring. Let us help you stay ahead. 

Your Stylist,

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will show you how to style each of these items. Vote for your favorite in the comments section and we’ll get started.

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