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STYLE | How to Nail Pleated Pants in 4 Ways. #4WaystoWear

* Edit* In this post, I’ll show you 4 Ways to Style Pleated Pants. Use the button at the bottom of this post to place an order for a similar pair of pants in navy blue.

I got stopped in the store 4 times in one day because of these pants.

Before the month runs out, I thought it would be great to show you how I styled my pleated pants in 4 ways, seeing as we already discussed styling pleated skirts in a #4WaystoWear pleated skirts post. If you missed it, click here.

I love how effortlessly these pants flow. I styled them earlier last year during my Yetunde Sarumi collaboration and I’m presenting yet another way to style them, more like 4 ways to wear pleated pants. I had fun testing out my home studio for this shoot. Enjoy the pictures below.


LOOK 1: Pleated Pants, Bralettes, a Waterfall Jacket and Tan Block Heels

Since bralettes have been my favorite things to wear since Spring ’16, I had to show off one somehow. It took this long because I didn’t want to look naked on my blog, as that is not and will never be my niche. Still, I knew bralettes could be worn stylishly without alluding to some type of exaggerated sex appeal and I’ll show you just how to achieve that in this post.

The waterfall belted jacket distracts from the possibility of me being in sexy lingerie and what even makes that possible is the deep V cut of the bralette that sits just above my belly button. Anyways, I really love bralettes because of their lightweight and ease of wearing. Every woman knows how annoying bras are, but bralettes are less wired and generally have less contraptions, so you can breathe. Amennn? 

Head over to the Memkoh Store to shop your bralette. 😉

LOOK 2: Pleated Pants, Slip Dress (worn as a top), Black Blazer & Statement Jewelry

This second outfit features a black blazer and an old slip dress, which I wore as a top. I actually wore this exact look last Spring to my friend’s birthday. It was so awesome I had to replicate the look for this blog post since the original pictures were taken at night.

LOOK 3: Pleated Pants, an African Print Top and a pair of booties

Here’s the look with the Yetunde Sarumi african print top. So gorgeous, right?

See more of this look here.

LOOK 4: Pleated Pants, Lace top and lightweight poncho with Sneakers

It was on this day that I got stopped at the mall (2 malls actually) over 4 times because of these pants. Everyone loved them and I suggest you use the link at the bottom of this post to place an order for yours. I styled it this time with a light lace top in beige and white and threw my cardigan-style poncho over it because I am always cold in the store. lol. I wore heels earlier in the day (black slingbacks to be specific) then changed to sneakers to go shopping. Comfy chic! I love this look! I was meant to photograph this look afterwards but knowing me, I spend too much time in the store and it was dark when I got home. Oh well, I’m glad I took mirror selfies in the store. There’s absolutely no shame in my game! 🙂



Please leave a comment below and if you’d like a pair of these pants, use the button below to submit your request. I will get back to you immediately. The bralettes can be found in our online store here or in the link below.

Thank you for viewing this post. Till Next time. Please stay in touch and share this with a friend.

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