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Styling Yvonne Ben Part 1. The Memkoh Experience

Over the years, Memkoh has become the trusted, go-to styling source owner of Canadian event and media powerhouse, Yvonne Ben. That’s why I want to take you behind-the-scenes of my styling projects with the highly esteemed founder and lead creative behind The KScope. Hearing of Yvonne or The KScope for the first time? We’ll fix that.

Shopping & Styling for African Fashion Week Toronto 2015 (4-day event)

In 2015, Yvonne hired me to style her for a 4-day event – African Fashion Week Toronto or AFWT. She gave me a breakdown of the 4-day event, we talked about her style and came up with a workable budget. Thereafter, I went shopping to get her the best items, purchased and shipped them right to her doorstep overseas. We’re international, baby! 

Once she got her shipment, we jumped on a Skype call where I put the pieces together to form looks. Pretty awesome right? I hope this answers the question most people ask about shopping or styling for them in spite of location. It’s simple! Through Skype, Facetime, or any video conferencing application, your stylist will get to see your closet and thoroughly access it before your shopping spree. It also makes it easy to visualize the items after your haul in the form of a try-on session. This is what I call Virtual Styling and you can learn more about it here. Like I always say, if we can send men to the moon, then styling and shopping for you from miles away shouldn’t be impossible.

For Day 1 of AFWT, we went for a nice look that was befitting for the opening ceremony and cocktail. Day 2 was a more relaxed look which I picked out for the student designer showcase. Day 3 was the high fashion showcase and you’ll see in the pictures below (click the arrow buttons) that we did high fashion! The jeans are from Inidara Brand and available for purchase. Trust me, you neeeed these jeans. For Day 4, we opted for a dress from Ofuure which Yvonne had custom made for her. 

Click the control arrows to view the slideshow above. The picture below shows the looks we picked out for days 1-4 of African Fashion Week Toronto in 2015. P.s. tied tops are going to be a hot trend this summer but thankfully, we ticked that off with Yvonne in 2015.

#StickwithMemkoh 🙂

The Best Part?

My client, Yvonne Ben won an award in 2015 for African Fashion Blogger of the year! It was surreal!!!! (Congratulations again, Yvonne!) 

You can read Yvonne’s experience here from Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 and Day 4 and here’s an excerpt review from one of her posts.

African Fashion Week Toronto 2015 was a blast! I had an amazing experience. For all four days,I got the best fashion styling service ever, #StyledbyMemkoh {}. 
– Yvonne Ben: AFWT 2015 Day 1 Highlights

Styling for a single event in 2016

The rest of 2015 was filled with quick calls and outfit suggestions for events and that’s one of the perks of getting #StyledbyMemkoh. On the day of your event or days before, you can jump on a call with your stylist to get a fix. Click the Contact button to get rates for this service. The best part is that you don’t always need new clothes and you’ll see just how we accomplished that for Yvonne. Bonus points for her mega glow. That’s the confidence that comes with being #StyledbyMemkoh, but you have to be dedicated. 

See Yvonne’s recap of this event here. She was invited to Ambessa Wedding‘s African Wedding Show and the link above will lead you to her breakdown of the event. I love her event recaps! Her culottes are by Ofuure.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series on Styling Yvonne Ben || The Memkoh Experience.

I want to use this series to encourage you to celebrate your successes. If Beyonce asked me to style her, you would have seen it all over the internet. But that is not as fulfilling because Beyonce is already a big name brand. Being able to talk about my work with clients with whom I’ve nurtured a relationship with and can see obvious growth is more fulfilling than styling a made celebrity.

Bottomline of this is: Appreciate and celebrate every success, and don’t look at certain successes as big and others small. The reverse is usually the case. If Beyonce asks me to style her today, I won’t flinch. I already know I’m awesome at what I do. I didn’t sit around waiting for “the big break” or that affirmation. Most times, we entrepreneurs sit around, waiting for “the big break” instead of being grateful for our daily not-so-small conquests. I said “not-so-small” instead of “small” because it is the very mentality that certain successes are small that leaves us feeling ungrateful and unaccomplished. But if we could look at every opportunity and every client as our big break, then we’d be piling up success after success without event knowing it. So I’m extremely grateful that Yvonne Ben has chosen to stick with this brand. We always talked about sitting down to do a recap of all the moments we’ve worked together, but I was probably picturing a video which was obviously me overthinking it. So I decided to do a couple of posts instead. Working with her over and over has made me feel fulfilled, and especially something I will mention in the next part.

I have to be grateful for those who have stood by me from the early days. These are the days of glory.
Thank you Yvonne.

And to you my audience, thank you too. Please stick around for the second part of this series 🙂

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    Good Job girl!

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      Nkechi love thank you! It’s always so amazing to stand back and look at all the work we’ve done here. Little ripples adding up in due season. I appreciate you taking your time to view this post!

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