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Memkoh Valentine’s Box Unveiled

Hello again, 

This Memkoh Valentine’s Box may come as a surprise to some but it is definitely a precursor to an even greater surprise this month. And oh, Happy New Month, lovelies!!!! It’s February, aka the month of love.

Since this month will be dripping with love, we decided to create a very limited Memkoh Box for Valentine’s Day…only 6 available. The best part is that whether you are in a relationship or not, you can treat yourself to one of these Memkoh Valentine’s Day boxes. If you are in a relationship or marriage and your spouse has no clue of this box, feel free to send him or her the link (we can custom make boxes for guys too). We will not judge you.


The Memkoh Valentine's Box
The Memkoh Valentine’s Box


What to expect in each box

Your box will be a mix of these items in no particular order.

  1. Mugs
  2. Notes/notepads
  3. Planners (it’s okay if January skipped you by. 2017 is still brand new, baby!)
  4. Bralettes/Lingerie (you will need to email us your size once you order)
  5. Chocolates
  6. Truffles
  7. Candy! Candy!! Candy!!!
  8. Mugs (peep the one above. It says “I freaking Love You”. This could be you to you or him to you. It’s all love, baby!)
  9. Little pencil/makeup pouch
  10. Makeup sponge (it’s the new, magical makeup applicator, we hear)
  11. Self pampering items – oils, lotions, shower gels, scented candles, etc.
  12. Tons of beautiful surprises you’d love to receive


The Price

I know this is the part you’ve been waiting for. Each box is only $45!!!! We will have some deluxe boxes for $60 but for the most part, $45 is all you need to show that special lady or yourself some love this Valentine’s Day. Shipping is $8 and $10 respectively, bringing your box to $53 for regular and $70 for deluxe.

  • Regular – $53 (including shipping)
  • Deluxe – $70 (including shipping)

Note: $45 gives you the sample box above, with chocolate and body pampering oil but without the bralette. $60 gives you the full sample box above including the bralette, candy, bath, body oils, and whatever else your stylist decides to surprise you with.



Allow me to stress that this is the most thoughtful gift you will ever give yourself or your loved one this season. To order, we have provided 3 options right here.

  1. Use the Square Cash button below and type in the amounts for Regular or Deluxe (see above) and include your shipping address in the “Leave an Optional Note” box. You can also send an email to with your shipping information and any other considerations you would like us to accommodate in your box.
  2. Use the PayPal option to send your payment the same way as above. We accept Venmo as well; we know your needs ;). Simply send us an email or use the Contact form and we will send you our payment details. This is also to prevent random transfers. We want to expect money from you and know exactly what it is for, not just a random alert. We really care about you, you know.
  3. Direct checkout. Yup! We have a Shop, so why not just checkout easily with that. The price reflects our Memkoh Box price plus shipping, so no surprises await you at checkout.

Hurry though, because Valentine’s Day is around the corner.


We are happy to fulfill your special requests, provided they are sent in a timely manner. P.s. Valentine’s Day is almost here so don’t delay further. Special requests include:

  • If this is a gift, include your name and the name of the person you will be sending this gift to and we will be sure to include a complimentary handwritten card to your recipient.
  • If you have any reservations like “I don’t like chocolate so please don’t include those in my box”, kindly send that to us via email as well. Or use the Contact form. It’s painless!
  • If you would like a bralette or lingerie in your box, include your bra and pantie size in your email. Also choose between S,M,L, as some lingerie companies use this method of sizing.
  • If you are allergic to any scents, please let us know as we will randomly assign bath oils and other scents to every box.
  • Any other questions or concerns? Kindly email asap so we can fulfill your order in time for Valentine’s Day.

Can’t wait to fulfill your order. Spread love this month and always!

Update to this post: If you missed this year’s Valentine’s Box, stay tuned for next year. 

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