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Guest Article | Gold

Hello lovelies,

It has been a while since we had a guest article here. So I am delighted to share this poem with you by Shalom Ikhena (@mensu_writings) on Instagram. I initially saw it on her blog, then requested to share it, to which she obliged. If you have any article or poems to share, please do so via

Brace yourself…

Image by James Pritchett
Image by James Pritchett


You have to believe it,

You have to believe there is a process,

A sometimes painful process. 
And it would feel like fire, for you are gold.

But this is not the hard part,

This declaration of belief.


The pain is in the practice

It’s in the practice at 4am.

When it is so dark, it seems there is no purpose to the pain.
And your nights spill into days that spill into weeks and sometimes months.

This is when you must fight to believe

With every fiber of your being, you must fight.

To remember that it feels like flames, for you are gold.

You’re gold baby.

– by Shalom Ikhena
Instagram: @mensu_writings


Fun fact: I started reading Shalom’s poems in 2010/2011 way before I met her. She was about 16 or 17 then and has now blossomed into a full fledged author, publishing her works alongside other great authors in the Shale Anthology.

I love this poem. I came across it in one of my darkest hours. Lately, I have somehow returned to that low point but sharing this with you and reading “Gold” all over again has re-assured me that this brand is gold. It is taking so long for it to get up, for the customers to roll in, for my bank account to reflect all my seconds of hard work and toiling. But today and hopefully always, Shalom has reminded us that gold is not made in a second.

I am Gold. Memkoh is Gold. You are Gold.

*running off with this new song in my head*

Thanks Shalom! If you have any poem to share, email or paste it into the Contact form.

Yours in Style and Substance,

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