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#WeddingWednesday | Dark Floral Styled Shoot

Everything about how this shoot came together is at the end of this post.


It was 27 degrees.

Her bridesmaids didn’t show up so she had her bridal shower all by herself.

It was 27 degrees.

What would you have done if your friends and bridesmaids couldn’t make it to your bridal shower? In our opinion, you can still rock it and here’s how.


Model: Valerie |
Florist: Lord Baltimore Florist
Photographer: Images by Gbenga | Instagram @imagesbygbenga
Stylist: Memkoh |


This shoot was not a walk in the park. To be able to live wholly, you must accept life’s circumstances, both good and bad and run with it till the bad gradually sifts from the good. If you’ve ever wondered how a photoshoot comes together, here’s how.

It was only natural to follow our last styled shoot on black bridal dresses with this one. The day before, 2 models who were related had a family emergency. On the day of, 3 models canceled 15 minutes to the shoot. One claimed to have a family emergency, which our assistant photographer dismissed as a hoax common among models. I sat there staring at my phone in disbelief. The fourth model, the groom was unresponsive. I had gotten a male model because although this was to be a bridal shower shoot, this outfit would have made a great engagement shoot look too so I wanted a 2-in-2. So you can try to imagine how I felt sitting in my car and waiting for who will show up. It was about 20 degrees. Seeing as I had no models, I turned around to go pick up the flowers. I needed to have one or the other – enough models or a nice table arrangement with flowers. So I did and everyone else arrived and we made it happen.

Your faith will take you places where your human effort/works cannot and for that, I remain grateful to God. Our model who made it to the shoot was absolutely amazing and I am certain that she had a rewarding experience. You must have seen it in the pictures.


Dark florals have been on our mind since last Winter but we never got the chance to live it out via a blog post or styled shoot. Thankfully, we accomplished our All Black wedding styled shoot that got featured on Aisle Perfect, a leading website for all things weddings. It was only right to slide in a dark floral themed shoot as a sequel. Florals on their own don’t appeal to me much and in the spring, everyone wears florals. So it is a no-brainer. In the winter, florals look more appealing because they take on the muted colors that are characteristic of the season.

I instantly fell in love with the two-piece you are about to see here, the floral placement was impeccable. Plus, the alternation between the pink and red roses makes this dress romantic enough to be worn as a bridal shower outfit or a wedding styled shoot. I would also recommend a daring bride to rock this for her main wedding ceremony, as long as it’s in the winter.


I am not an event decorator or florist, so after reaching out to a few event planners and decorators I found online and getting larger-than-life quotes, I settled for a DIY option. Then I shunned the idea to make the floral arrangement myself, seeing as I wanted this shoot to consist of a team of at least 3 vendors. I reached out to Lord Baltimore Florists and they made the awesome bouquet below possible. I wanted colors that aptly reflected the theme of the shoot i.e. all dark flowers (purples, burgundy, deep reds). Once the florist saw a picture of the dress, she threw in the pink flowers. She thought it would look good and truly, it did. She was also excited when I told her I am a wedding stylist, as she and her partner both thought I was a model. haha!

Don’t be afraid to welcome new ideas when working on a shoot or project. I know most creatives are stiff with their vision and insist on things panning out their own way. As you see, my day did not go as planned. We went from 1 bride, 3 bridesmaids and 1 groom to 1 bride only. Let the universe do its work!

Our photographer, Images by Gbenga had been on my list of people to work with since last year, so it was great that we finally got the chance to work together. We had previously come up with a list of ideas and conflicting schedules hindered us from working together. I’m glad we finally had this chance even though he could barely feel his hands as he shot. 😀

Please reach out to us at for your wedding styling – engagement shoot session for bride and groom, solo bridal portrait sessions, bridal showers, court weddings, and white wedding.

Thank you for your love and support.

Your Wedding Stylist,


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    Folu Ajayi

    It’s beautiful. Truly. Well done, Ems. Little by little. These same models will wish they showed when they had a chance to be connected to the Memkoh brand.

    • avatar

      Yes oooo! Amen, amen!!!!! It truly shows that God ordains every step of our lives and we just need to be patient and listen. Who knew this shoot would turn out so beautifully with the one model who graced it? Thank you so much! I’m definitely happy for these "little" steps and accomplishments because they will add up & truly, they are not so little considering the challenges we faced.
      Love you, Fols!

  • avatar

    Your perseverance is admirable and your work is art! You girl, they will know your name!

    • avatar

      Terry darling!!!! My, my thank you so so much! You are wonderful 🙂
      So glad we were taught these morals from our teeny weeny days – perseverance, resilience, etc. You never know when you need them.
      Thank you for appreciating my work & amen to people knowing my name and my brand’s too. Much love to you, Terry.

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