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YOUTUBE Video | How Memkoh styles designers’ collections

Hello and Happy Monday! 🙂

Working with Memkoh was one of the best decisions I made while preparing for my first official shoot. She not only listens to what you envision for your shoot/looks, she brings “out of the box” ideas to the table and helps you think differently. I love the fact that she can see one outfit but show you how to style that outfit 4-5 different ways. She’s the kind of person you’d want on your team to help bring your brand to another level. She goes above and beyond to make your brand look good and also makes sure you’re happy with her service. She’s an amazing stylist and will definitely work with her again.
– Yetunde Sarumi

Today I want to share with you a video and some pictures from my recent work with Yetunde Sarumi. We are going to do a rundown post of everything I did during my collaboration with the designer, but for now, watch the video and keep reading to know exactly what I did for this collaboration. And I hope you took note of the review above. 

It was my first time working with this designer and you can read her comments in our Lookbook Styling description here. My favorite part of styling this collection for Yetunde Sarumi was how everyone worked together so effortlessly. The photographer was great, directed the models accordingly and listened to our suggestions – myself as the stylist and Yetunde as the designer. I mention this because exactly a year before this project, I was on a set where the photographer did not listen to anyone! And by anyone, I mean even the fellow photographers couldn’t take a single picture till she was done and gone. No one likes to work with people like that. And till today, I only have about 2-3 pictures from that shoot. So please believe me when I tell you that this collaboration was everything! I took my Snapchat videos vertically instead of horizontally, so we used picture slides for the video. I promise to bring more bts (behind-the-scenes) videos next time.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Enjoy the pictures below. And you can shop the YS Collection on her store

You definitely know I suggested the pose above, right? 😀

Photographer: Jen Eun | Models: Jasmine, Mitchell, Dora and Theresa.

I know you want to know exactly what I did for this shoot. 

  1. Packed two suitcases of possible shoes, bags and accessories that might pair well with the designer’s collection. I can’t recall having a preview so I just winged it, hence the two suitcases. I almost packed my closet.
  2. On arriving at the location, the clothes were steamed, so I got away with not doing that (slightly sad I missed it) but then I had the task of pairing outfits to models, keeping their sizes and the colors of the clothes in mind. As you saw above, we shot 2 sets so I had to coordinate in such a way that everyone’s colors in the first set paired nicely and everyone’s colors in the second set paired nicely. The challenge here was sizing, so models didn’t simply get to wear the outfits that fit them best, but the outfits that fit them and worked with the color scheme in each set. Regardless, every model had to have 2 outfits. It took a few tries to get this in order.
  3. The third task was finding the right pair of shoes to fit each model and fit right. We had the issue of big shoes, tiny feet. I wear a size 9, so all my shoes were sized between 8 and 10. Bummer! But I’m glad we made it work. Plus, the designer had brought some of her shoes so I recall us giving her shoes to one of the models while I stuffed my size 9 shoes with tissue for the other model with tiny feet. Figuring all of this out was so much fun.
  4. When we arrived at the first location, obviously everything had to come out and be within proximity of the models. I did a lot of observing in the beginning – how the models posed, how the photographer worked, etc. From my past experience, I didn’t know how our photographer would respond to suggestions which is why I held back and allowed her to lead the shoot before giving any suggestions. I think this is the better way to tread. You obviously can’t be silent when you are on a job simply because one person is over-bearing. Watching and observing before giving your suggestions can be a better way to go about things when you are not sure who you are working with. Jen Eun was awesome though!
  5. At the second location, I did more. I was already familiar with everyone by this point and we had to move quicker as the sun had set. This was where I convinced the designer that we needed to incorporate other accessories than her clothes, so that her customers will see how these styles can easily integrate into their closets. She hesitated a bit, which I understood, because her designs were the main focus but it was awesome to have her go-ahead. Honestly, my advise during photoshoots is to welcome as many opinions as possible. As a photographer myself, I know the greatest mistake is regretting you did not try something on camera when you had the models and everything before you. We have progressed from film cameras, so you have absolutely nothing to lose – only a memory card full of pictures. And I bet that you will appreciate most of those ‘unwelcome ideas’ later. 

Overall, I had fun during this shoot and learned a lot. Everyone worked well as a team and we truly put our ideas together to make this shoot happen. A huge thank you goes out to Yetunde Sarumi again, for trusting me to work on this shoot with her. And per my promise to designers to increase their sales by styling their collection in a way that attracts customers to see how wearable their designs are, all but one design sold out. Thank you to all those who shopped this collection. Don’t forget to stop by the YS shop – Yetunde Sarumi.

To have Memkoh style your collection, send an email to or click the “Contact” tab and fill the brief form. You should also explore the Lookbook Styling description page before you get in touch as I would prefer to know a specific service you are requesting.

As always, thank you for your audience and please subscribe to our YouTube channel. Yes, it’s ours 🙂

Yours in Style and Substance,

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