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My Vision for Inidara Brand and How to Style Your Ripped Denkara Jeans #DENKARAbyInidara

Regardless of how we feel about the recent inauguration, life must go on. We must choose to live happily and deliberately. And we must also choose peace, in spite of the ongoing protests.

Today I would like to share a project that is dear to my soul, the Inidara Brand. I started this brand many years ago in my dorm room making and selling earrings and necklaces made from African print. We did relatively well in the beginning because the African print industry wasn’t as big as it is now. Then we lost touch during my senior year of college and merely managed to stay afloat. Our customers were so amazing for continuously supporting us despite my focus shifting to Memkoh. In a bid to serve you better, we rebranded in December 2016, complete with a new name, a new website, a new approach and hopefully a new fortune. I am finally owning it, so now you know that Inidara Brand is mine 🙂

Thank you to our friends over at The Kscope for constantly chronicling our journey through the many phases. All our major collections have been featured there. They are amazing and if you are an upcoming creative and want a home to showcase your talents, I suggest you email

I hope you visit us often and shop with us. Our website is

What should you expect from Inidara brand in the coming months? 

We are predominantly concerned with our DENKARA by Inidara line meaning Denim and Ankara. We make jeans, shorts, overalls, chokers and many more with this unique combination of jeans and African fabric. Plans to expand and include a wider variety of items are underway.

Who is Inidara Brand for?

From our recent feature on The KScope, we highlighted that “…we are not attempting to define who the Inidara Woman should be. We simply know she loves to dress with ease and comfort. She is not a talker but her presence can be felt anywhere she goes.” Mind you, we have bowties for the men and will continue to add more men’s items 😉

Let’s get to showing you how to style your Inidara Brand Jeans effortlessly, integrating it into your daily wardrobe for best results.

The Outfit

These jeans are funky and super fashion forward but trust me, they are not difficult to style. Style is the keyword here and we all know that once you’ve got style, you’ve got the world. What I truly mean to say is that once you know yourself and your style, it becomes easier to style an item like this which many might consider too much or too conspicuous. When you style is another form of communication for you, it becomes relatively easy to let your entire persona shine through your clothes. And without further ado, here are the Inidara Brand Jeans and at the end of this post, you will qualify to get 10% off your first pair. Keep reading…


What I love about these jeans is the funk it adds to any outfit. I simply took an old turtleneck dress I had and layered in underneath these ripped jeans by Inidara Brand, added a necklace I got from Forever 21 and a choker from Inidara Brand and my outfit was born.

Photographer: Photos by Syranno
Photographer: Photos by Syranno

What are you waiting for? Head on to the Inidara website and save 10% with my unique code: MEMKOH. These jeans in particular are called the Eno Jeans. While you’re at it, sign up to the newsletter so that you can know when the chokers get added to the store. I know you love that 😉

Thank you everyone for your love and support throughout the years. Let’s make it even greater!

Yours in Style and Substance,

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