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Be a Light! | Newsletter Archives 3

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In a world where everyone tries to be different yet end up the same, it is important that you find your bearing. I was going through some of my inspiration posts recently (search #MiddayMemobyMemkoh on Instagram) and I came across one post. Typically, I pause to read comments and LOL all over again…you know how we can get on the ‘gram – banter. But on this post, my comment was far from laughter-inducing. I had responded to an earlier comment saying: “There’s no need hiding God’s glory in us. He put it there and if we can’t help someone else get their crown, He might as well take it back”.
Dang girl!
I paused, read it again (and again), took a screenshot and added it as a reminder. I never wanted to part with those words.

Finding your light doesn’t happen overnight, neither does it happen when you want it to. It’s a combination of deliberate mini-actions taken daily that leads you to that point of discovery; don’t toy with the value of prayer either, it is highly instrumental. I had a brief stint recently where I felt like I had merely been a catalyst for people’s successes, not an integral part of their lives – Read my article on Feeling Used. Immediately I remembered those words, I snapped out of it and told myself, “Well, at least you were a light for those people”. And that reminder honestly made a difference in my mindset. 

The good news is that you don’t have to wait till you find your light to be a light. Finding and being a light should go hand-in-hand, as the decision to be a light could be the very compass you need to find your own light. As you continue with the next few weeks, be more deliberate. Ask yourself frequently, “Am I being a light?” or “Is something within me holding me back from being a light?”. This will help you to make better decisions, especially in those fleeting moments where we tend to make hasty decisions.

There’s too much darkness in the world. In your own corner, you should try to…

…Find your Light and Be a Light.
– Memkoh

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