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Affordable Opulence, The Intro: Fall Mules

GIVEAWAY INCLUDED! See end of post for rules. Ends Friday 11/18.

I like this outfit. It looks classy and opulent without even trying. The best part is that everything is within my budget. That’s why I am starting my “Affordable Opulence” campaign so that my readers and would-be clients can see how I put outfits together without spending too much. We will obviously not be dripping in gold or flying in private jets throughout the course of this campaign, but we will dress in a way that exudes class and confidence, my definition of opulence. After all, those who are truly wealthy don’t walk around with expensive wares. Their riches are in their multiple investments which you will never know the true value of. What speaks for them is not flashiness, but the way they carry themselves. Welcome to our Affordable Opulence campaign. This will be done over the course of multiple posts.

As for my mules, I know you are asking “Who wears mules in the Fall?”

Memkoh! I got these mules a few weeks after I got these shoes (both red) and although temperatures have since dropped, I thought I’d share with you this outfit where I styled the mules in an almost Fall-friendly way. I say “almost” because your feet aren’t even supposed to be out at this time of the year, but look what we’re doing in the name of style! I can’t wait to rock them next summer!

The top is a denim top I fell in love with from Marshalls and my jacket from Ross was bought 2 years ago (yup! you read that right. We buy affordable things that last!) and I styled it in this post where I took myself out on a dinner date. Oh, how I miss those days!

Pictures by @PhotosbySyranno

I hope you love our campaign already! You don’t want to miss the rest of these series. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Memkoh Newsletter here. We’ll turn you into a shopping pro in no time. Now for the giveaway!


1. U.S-based participants only.

2. Send in a picture of your work outfit (tag @memkoh and use #WorkOotdContest and #MemkohGiveaway hashtags on Instagram).

3. Subscribe to the Memkoh YouTube Channel here.

4. Ends Friday, November 18th. Winner will be announced on Saturday, November 19th.

5. Gift is a multicolored fall/winter poncho. 

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