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How to give your Skirt & Blazer Combo an Update | STYLE

Amesiere, abadie? (remember our new style of greeting in a different language?)

The look you’re about to see can be summed up in one word – Interesting! Why so?
It is unusual to wear a pair of shoes like these with straight up formal clothes. But I did because I forgot the other pair I wanted to shoot with, so this one had to do. In retrospect, it worked. 

Don’t sweat your outfits. Let them unfold as they please. Lowkey though, I feel like I went to work then my friends said I must join them for happy hour and I looked into my trunk, pulled these out to jazz up my outfit and strutted to the bar.

What do you think?

I know you want these shoes. Order with contact form at the end.

Photographer: Photos by Syranno

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Can you slay no matter the circumstances? Can you slay if you find yourself in rags after forgetting your gorgeous closet full of clothes (and nothing to wear?) at home?

I know I can. Can you? 

Talk soon.
– Memkoh
(Don’t forget to order your shoes with the form above 😉 )

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