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STYLE | Incorporating an African Print Necklace into Your Daily Look

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you caught our last post here.

In the Style Sphere, let’s talk about African print necklaces and their wearability issues.

I’ve found out that most people think wearing African print accessories is tricky. Some will even tell you that you cannot wear an African print necklace except you have something else in African print on. How about the notion that African print necklaces and accessories are not dressy and cannot be worn to formal events?

These are all FALSE!

With this post, I aim to show you just how you can transform your look with the simple addition of an African print necklace or any African print / ankara accessory. And I have tons of them. I will include a link where you can shop this necklace.

Styling a dress and belted cardigan for fall. See Memkoh x MemkohMen 2 for full post.
Styling a dress and belted cardigan for fall. See Memkoh x MemkohMen 2 for full post.

The pictures below convey a spin of the look above, which was from the Memkoh x MemkohMen Part 2 collaboration.


If the necklace has a ton of color and you’re not too good with mixing and matching colors, or you’re a bit hesitant, opt for a solid colored base item for your look. A simple pair of pumps should complete your looks. As you can see here, the only extra accessory I needed was a pair of pearl earrings. Pearl and African print, right? What an unlikely combination.

The key here is to choose one item and let it speak. For me, it was my African print necklace.

Photographer: Anu Aketi

Dress: H&M | Necklace: OÓRE Handmade Save with code LOVEOORE | Shoes: Asos

How easy was that? I have another look in the same dress & necklace but with a twist. I’ll share that before the end of this week so make sure to keep coming back for all these juicy style tips.

Till next time,
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