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Consistency versus Change | Newsletter Archives 1

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To change course or to stay consistent?

To change course or stay consistent?
To change course or stay consistent?

That is the question. I have been asking myself this and I know most, if not all of you have asked yourselves the same question before. Matter of fact, when life coaches or successful people who publish those corny “I suffered, now I’ve made it” books say be consistent, I wonder if that is truly what they told themselves years back, or if they are saying that now as a result of how much their hard work has paid off. Specifically, I’m questioning if these people stayed consistent by doing the seemingly wrong things over and over, and if at the time, they knew those things were wrong, or if they completely switched routes. Sitting on billions of dollars and writing a book on your past doesn’t give you much room to accurately introspect, does it? You will gloss and skip over many important details people want to know, such as “When did you really reach your tipping point and what did you do about it?”

To us living in the present, where does this leave us? We can’t see our lives at a stretch 5 years from now. Heck, we can’t even predict what the next second will bring. What we have is our “now”, our “in the moment”. And if we are to truly stay consistent with whatever it is we are doing, we are doing this with the hopes of getting a huge pay-off soon. Even though the pay-off may not be so huge or happen so soon, the mere hope that a pay-off exists drives some. For most, it’s the passion…and a chance of a pay-off. 

Still, this question hasn’t been answered, or has it?
When do you know when to change course? When do you know when your consistency needs to be truncated on a less rewarding task or investment, and shifted to a higher, more rewarding investment? When do you know whether to keep going on the same path, tweaking things as you go or when to change course completely? Is there a marker, a smoke signal or an alarm? Or is it pure intuition and perhaps a voice we cannot ignore? Whatever it is, I am certain that there is a catch to that phrase “be consistent” as you really have to figure out your turning point on your own. Though, I believe you should stay consistent until you are ready and willing to change course. Being ready to change is easy. Being willing to ditch that old methodology and start afresh is more challenging. 

Take it from me, you will know when. You will know the time and the day. It might be laced with ice-cream and cupcakes, or adorned with nights of tears and frustration graced with long conversations with yourself or a friend/mentor. Whatever route yours comes in, if you haven’t had the need to contemplate on this question yet, here is your chance:

“To change course or to stay consistent?”
That is the question.
– Memkoh

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