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STYLE | My Fall 2016 Story

All Summer ’16 / Playing Dirty not clean / Out in front of Four Seasons / Looking like a Damn Football Team.
– Drake

It’s that time of the year when we grudgingly put our Summer clothes away, to make space for our Fall closet and new additions. Sadly, those lyrics from Drake’s Summer ’16 quoted above represent everything my summer was not. *tears*

Well, Summer ’16 is over and we can’t take that back. But we can embrace Fall. 
Side note: Can you tell that Winter 2016 might be brutal or is it just me? The way it pushed out summer right from September 1st – as my friend rightly noted – got me thinking “Were we not good to Summer 2016? What could we have done to make it stay longer?”

Whatever the case may be, Fall is here in full force. Here’s a little peek into what I’m feeling for Fall, our Annual Fall Story.


Scratch that. Everything green is what our eyes are on this Fall. I caught the fever last year when I styled a pair of olive green joggers in ‘Like a Boy’ and again mid summer ’16 as I was online “window” shopping. A pair of olive green pumps caught my attention and I immediately knew Olive was going to make it to our 2016 Fall Story. Some days later, I was on the phone with my friend who was eagerly looking forward to booking her Memkoh Box for Fall. She mentioned that she’d like some olive green items – sweaters, boots, etc. and I squealed “me tooooo!”. That was it. And Olive is our color for this year’s Fall story. Coincidentally, the global fashion community agrees.

COLORS 2,3,4…

Other colors we love are brown, mustard and of course burgundy. These are all rich, earthy tones, a nice deviation from last fall where we were head-over-heels with gray.

Below, I’ve dug up a few old sets I created, that’ll keep you thinking about incorporating Olive into your closet this Fall…or any shade of green.








It gets darker… 



A little mustard action ain’t never hurt nobody. Plus, Mustard + Army Green + Brown is the definition of Fall.

Mustard is that Fall color! I'll be on it 110% next year. For now, I wear it in traces. 
Mustard is that Fall color! I’ll be on it 110% next year. For now, I wear it in traces. 


Tartan Action. This is one look I’ve been eager to bring to life. Maybe this Fall…

That’s it for our Fall Story/Lookbook. For inspiration from around the web, take a look at a men’s look by Kevin Hart here, and for the ladies, see Micah Gianelli’s look here, here and here

Let me know your recommendations and your hit style, color or item at the moment and I hope you enjoyed this post. Keep coming back for more.

– Memkoh

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