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Weekly Recap & Coupons | Week of August 7

Last week, I was toying with the idea of having something like my newsletter on here because let’s be honest, as a website visitor you are pretty important too. Right? *nods*

So I’ll be doing weekly recaps here and a list of coupons for the week, similar to what I have in my bi-weekly newsletter. It might not be as detailed and you will certainly not be made aware of projects and posts before they happen. The inspiration corner will also not be posted here till months later. All of that are still reserved for The Memkoh Newsletter subscribers. You should join us here.

For the Week of August 7, here’s what you missed.

1. How to Style a Romper | This post was just that. We visited the romper I wore to brunch once this summer and I included a link to mine and several other rompers I thought you’d like.

How to Style a Romper |
How to Style a Romper |

2. Guest Article on Med School | We had a guest article by a doctor about her medical school experience. We all know that journey is not easy and this first hand article is for you if you’ve ever wondered what life is like for med students or if you’re considering taking the leap. Med school is a lot of hard work but there’s nothing you cannot accomplish by working smart! 
Plus, this lady has written other articles for us here before. To submit yours, email

Guest Article on Med School by Adesola Oje |
Guest Article on Med School by Adesola Oje |

3. Feeling Used? | I write every now and then and it was time to let this thought off my chest. I’d like to add that although it is great to be selfless, you should also know when to make time for yourself and stand by it. Yesterday, my friend was texting incessantly and at a point, I had to tell her I was having some “me” time. Another called and I told her I couldn’t talk because I was watching tv (I barely watch tv). Other things came up right after and I couldn’t even enjoy my “me” time in front of a 1 hr 30 minute movie. Today, my phone battery died around noon and knowing how much of a burden it is to me, I didn’t bother charging it till 3 hours later.
Taking control of your time can really help with this feeling of “being used”.
I’ve digressed a bit from what the article talked about but you should really read it and leave your opinions. Is there any such thing as “being used?”

Feeling Used? Here's why you shouldn't. |
Feeling Used? Here’s why you shouldn’t. |

4. #4WaystoWear a Basic Knit Dress | My favorite thing to do, the #4WaystoWear series has quickly become a Memkoh signature. While style bloggers may try to convince you that your clothes should be worn once, in this series, I show you that if you haven’t worn that item of clothing 4 times, you haven’t started having fun with it. The 5th time you wear something won’t be nearly as special as these first 4 times. If you’re in doubt of that, are your pajamas still special?
Click on the post and enjoy. i included a short video too.

#4WaystoWear a Basic Knit Dress |
#4WaystoWear a Basic Knit Dress |

5. The KAMBI Hats by AZIF Clothing | I recently discovered this brand and it was great they had a look book to share with us. Their collection launched a day ago but we got the files to share way earlier. Talk about perks!

The KAMBI Hat Collection by Azif |
The KAMBI Hat Collection by Azif |

P.s. If you’ve ever wondered how we came about the name “African Horizon” for this section on African designers, then you definitely need to sign up for my newsletter. I literally bounce ideas off my subscribers and they get a chance to be involved in the inner dealings of Memkoh, such as suggesting a name for a blog section. Miss Romola, you’re still our MVP!

What was your favorite post? Do let me know in the comments section here or the one directly under the original post.

Coupons for the Week of August 14

  • Nike – 20% off clearance. Code BTS20. Dates Aug 7 – 16
  • Express – Women | Men. Buy 1 Jeans, Get 1 for $19.90. Extra sales – $15 off $60, $25 off $75, $50 off $150. Code 1548
  • LOFT – $20 off Pants and Jeans, plus 40% off sale styles.
  • Aerie – Bras and Bralettes are $22 each! I’ve been obsessed with bralettes since last Fall. Matter of fact, I’m sitting in one as I type this post. Might have to scoop up some more. You should too. 😉
  • ASOS – Up to 70% off
  • Mozzenta – 20% off for new users
  • Topshop – 70% off clearance
  • H&M – Free shipping over $40. Code 0040

Is there any store you’d like me to add? Let me know in the comments.

Till next week…

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