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African Horizon | Kambi Hats by AZIF

You know how much we love celebrating African designers on here. The collection you are about to see is by designer AZIF and their launch date is set for August 15th. But we got an exclusive first look into this collection so enjoy. 🙂

Text below is from the designer.

With a name derived from the Hausas for crown, The Kambi hats are a masterpiece from the upcoming AZIF brand. 

These hats are handcrafted from the most authentic materials and are designed to be eye catching, because they are designed with everyone in mind, you can go from casual to classy at the drop of a hat. 

The Kambi hats share ancestry with some well-known West African hats like the Kufi hats. 

With their circular shape, lack of brim and adjustable straps, these hats (ranging from small to large) are made to fit all. Coming in the dark blue denim and suede, grey suede and tan suede, there’s no outfit these hats can’t complete.

The Kambi hats are debuting the rebranding of AZIF by creative Wavy the Creator. And as far as signs of what is yet to come go, they stand as a stunning one. 

The much anticipated official release for the Kambi hat is the 15th of August but just for today, August 12th, here’s a sneak peek.

Hope you liked this collection. Stay glued to the brand’s official page to know where to purchase these Kambi hats from.

– Memkoh

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