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HIRING, Taking a break and some online features


Hello again,

It’s been a few seconds since I published my last post on #TalkTuesday. 

But before I really take this leave, I wanted to share with you some of my most recent features, an opening to work at Memkoh and most importantly why I take my leaves of absence.
These breaks are very important to me because I just don’t know how to stop working. So even though I am typing this hours into my leave of absence, feeling somewhat guilty and somewhat accomplished for finally putting this out, I hope I can find time to power down a little for the rest of the week. I will be officially back on August 2nd and trust me, I have logged out of Instagram (ok, except on my laptop because I need a few links you’ll soon see). Other social media profiles won’t even get a second of attention (except the auto-sharing of this post to Facebook and Twitter). I will confess to you though that as an entrepreneur, we never really stop working. My brain is currently in overdrive as I’m thinking of what to do next but I’m also expectant of how much sleep I will get this week.

Haha!… It is currently 12:56 a.m. 

Nevertheless, expect greatness when I return, by God’s grace (Amin). 


During the week, we had a couple of features starting with:

  1. An article on Style Vitae, highlighting my African print style from our latest work with Yetunde Sarumi.
  2. A feature in Exquisite Magazine. Little backstory: I had no idea this magazine was in print when the lady reached out to me for an interview about my favorite accessory; I thought it was a blog/site feature. What touched me the most about this experience was how a member of my audience shared the page I was featured in from her copy of the magazine she’d picked up that weekend. My friend called my attention to this post. I was too ecstatic! Like I said, I had no idea this interview was going to be in print and I recall telling my interviewer a few days before to hold on to my copy while I get a delivery address. But now, look who has her feature in the flesh (well, almost). Thank you so much V & Y for lighting up my world that weekend! 
    Please check out the feature here.
  3. The third and last feature for now was my interview with Her Library, a literacy page. You know, since my blog was once called “Style and Literacy” a page like this would resonate very well with this brand. The interview was shared in 3 parts – part 1 here, part 2 and part 3. I really love Her Library and appreciate their take on getting women to read more. I think I subtly hinted at this feature in my beach article where I shared a picture of me ‘reading’ in the sands (I obviously couldn’t focus there, so it was a picture for the feature/interview).
Picture from this post.
Picture from this post.


Are we sure we are really on a break – ’cause we’ll be hiring too?! 
This week, I want to conduct interviews with candidates who qualify for the position of a Social Media Intern. You see, the way Memkoh is set up, a lot of background work takes place and social media plays a huge role in it. I suck at re-sharing my content, which I think is important because if you spend a great deal of time on your content, it shouldn’t be shared for a day and forgotten.

In a nutshell, your duties will include but are certainly not limited to:

  1. Social sharing and cross-sharing across all Memkoh social profiles at least x times a day (We’ll determine this when we talk).
  2. Re-purposing and re-sharing content weekly.
  3. Scheduling posts in advance. I will guide you with this initially, but after a month or so, you should become a pro and be entirely knowledgeable on what posts need to be up-cycled, recycled and re-shared.
  4. Creating flyers. Occasionally, promotional content needs to be shared with professional-type flyers – nothing too fancy, just simple and minimal but colorful and catchy. Get it?While this is certainly not a requirement, it is a plus if you can create these on the fly. I don’t like wasting time on them and truly, the need may come up so suddenly so be prepared for those frantic flyer emails…every once in a while. Some blog posts that don’t have images could use funky graphics too, so this skill is certainly a plus.
  5. You will not have to respond to comments. However, generic questions by my audience on where to find a product, blog post, service, etc. are things you should be able to respond to. 
  6. You MUST be able to work in a high pressure environment for at least 6 months, and deliver within seconds. It is a necessity! Social media marketing happens fast. One second lapses, and your content is outdated. You will also manage the Memkoh Men Instagram page.

Any person(s) who is/are interested in this position should email with subject line “INTERN”. In a few words, state what you can/cannot do, paying special attention to my requirements above. I’d say no resumes are needed, but include your resume for future purposes and so that I know who I’m really working with. They say black and white speaks too…

As always, be good to yourselves and I will see you when I return next Tuesday, August 2nd with a hopefully banging episode of #TalkTuesday with Memkoh.

your workaholic stylist,




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