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African Horizon | Mai Atafo Sartorial Thursday

The conclusion of SAMW (South African Menswear Week) marks the emergence of brilliant new collections by our favorite African menswear designers. Of these designers was one of my favorites, Mai Atafo, whose designs I fell in love with during Lagos Fashion and Design Week in 2014. I had a sit-down with Mai Atafo over the Christmas break but I couldn’t quite put that experience into words, but I am certain this collection will speak for this design house as much as the vibrant persona who I met welcomed me with open arms to his Lagos studio. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s Sartorial Thursday, a collection by Mai Atafo.

I love this model... He's such a star! @mannikwen
I love this model… He’s such a star! @mannikwen

In the designer’s words,  “”Sartorial Thursday” is what you get when you use your high quality suiting fabric, clean tailoring, removing canvas, lining and padding to give a softer structure.”

This collection predominantly features pieces made with dashiki, buba and kaftan, or a subtle combination of these elements with European-inspired tailoring. As you will see, pieces from Sartorial Thursday can be taken apart and dressed as you please – whether casual or formal. 

The designer also adds, “If you are that suit wearing sartorial gentlemen who needs an alternative to your suit days in the summer whilst still keeping your sartorial edge, Sartorial Thursday is for you and nothing screams summer like yellow!!!!!”

See, I told you this is one designer to reckon with.

“Unlike the name, it can be it can be worn any day of the week. So let’s make everyday a Sartorial Thursday.”

Agreed, Mai. Agreed! *fist-pump emoji*

Because the man, Mai, loves surprises and grand exits, (recall his wow-ing closing at LFDW2014; look out for the first image) he had to do same for this collection. It has become his signature, a gesture that I feel shows that the creativity this brand brings is more than the clothes carefully hung on the delectable models. In a nutshell, this brand delivers, from start to finish!

Yup, that's the designer above, rocking out to the music that is his collection, Sartorial Thursday
Yup, that’s the designer above, rocking out to the music that is his collection, Sartorial Thursday

I hope you enjoyed Sartorial Thursday. Let me know what your favorite look was. Mine’s the cover image. 😉

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0700 mai atafo (0700 624 28236)

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