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#WeddingWednesday | A New Way to Invite your Guests – Illustrated Wedding Invitations


It’s another Wednesday so let’s talk weddings.

I came across some wedding illustrations by Folu Ajayi and I thought it was a very unique way to send out invitations to your guests. She did not only stop at invitations; Folu designed the wedding program as well as the souvenirs. In her Instagram post, she shared that this couple reached out to her requesting illustrations because they don’t quite love pictures.

Why bother to get an illustration when you can just use a picture of yourselves?

  1. Personality – Your wedding is YOUR day (Plural). You and your spouse are coming together to face the world as one entity and as such, the day you decide to do this must speak of both of you and both of you alone. Forget what mummy wants. Forget what daddy wants. Forget what the bff says. Work with your wedding vendors until you arrive at elements that will make your day special. 

    Whatever else you can think of will definitely fall under “Personality”, like the couple Folu worked with who don’t quite love pictures. Instead of going with what the throng is doing, they listened to themselves and went with another route that reflects THEM!

You can view the original hi-res images below, sent by Folu.

Save-the-Date for Moni and Lani by @foluillustrates
Save-the-Date for Moni and Lani by @foluillustrates
Program cover by @foluillustrates
Program cover by @foluillustrates

and I lifted this last one from her Instagram page @foluillustrates

Souvenir by @foluillustrates
Souvenir by @foluillustrates

To get in touch with Folu, 
Instagram: @FoluIllustrates

What do you think of these Save the dates? Would you get them for your wedding? 
Leave a comment below.

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