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Why I took a week off to be of service to Young Entrepreneurs

You saw this picture on my social media a lot this week…

watching you grow Memkoh has been exciting!…

— Yomi A.


06/20/16 – 06/24/16

This week started out on a good note.

First, I sent out Volume 10 of The Memkoh Newsletter. I know this is where you expect me to throw in a link begging you to sign up. Not yet…

The Reason

Memkoh Newsletter. Volume 10. 

Burnouts Happen: Fight back with Service.


I barely know but after you read this, we should come pretty close. In a previous issue (or somewhere on my blog), I wrote that a life without service is a life not lived. Ok..?
Let’s talk about burnout.

You are running a 5k race. Because you’ve trained so hard, your body knows just when you cross the finish line and if you are anything like I was in high school, you fall on the person at the finish line just so you get all the glucose. How about a race where all you know is the starting point, i.e. life? When do you pause for breaks? When do you keep going? Some of us are great at alternating running with rest stops. Others, not so much.
This is where service comes in, especially that line they say about “losing yourself in the service of others”. Instead of a regular rest stop where you stuff your face with candy, how about taking a stop to give someone else candy? Won’t it be more rewarding?

The same thing applies to you if you are worried you haven’t found your purpose. Shine the light on someone else other than yourself and see what will happen.
In conclusion (because this turned into a college essay), if you ever feel that burnout hitting, if you see those stress pimples bursting out, you are probably doing too much on yourself, agreeably so.

A life without service is a life not lived so when you feel that burnout, fight back with service!

– Memkoh

P.s. we should always be of service to others, this is just a gentle reminder for those times you seem to be running into a wall time and time again.

The After-effect

Day 1: I was sad. More like depressed. As I thought about my mission that week, I wondered if anyone was going to respond. Then I got more depressed. Interaction with my audience is still something that bothers me. “I’d like more interaction”, I tell myself. Am I not doing the right things, saying the right things? As always, this frustration was followed by the soft thud of my to-do-list landing in the compartment of my brain that knows how best to avoid work. Then came my daily alert – Code OVERWHELMED! I sat there, just sad. Plain sad! I started second guessing my plan for the week. “Should I still blog here and there?” “Won’t this silence harm my blog later?”

Moments later, I picked up my phone to thank my friend for the package she’d sent me over the weekend. Quite unlike me, I didn’t rip it apart once I got it that weekend. So after I thanked her, I opened this package and rushed to the card; a $20 bill slipped out. What? She didn’t! I knew she was sending a dashiki, but not this!? Lord knows how much I needed that $20 that week. Groceries! Lunch! You name it. But I disciplined myself and put that money right back…it will come in handy one day. I read the lovely thoughtful note she wrote and admired my new dashiki.

You are asking “What did Memkoh do to deserve this?”

In April, a young lady scheduled a date to ask for help with her pricing structure. She was just starting up. Since I do this almost all the time for people without thinking, I jumped on a call with her. We spent exactly one hour and at the end, she said “You should get paid for this, you know so much”. My response: “Really?”. Talking about business had become so routine to me that I thought everybody knows what I know. I had told her something I’d read in the news the previous day (which came in handy as we figured out her pricing structure for now and when her business gets up) and she said “See? I didn’t even know that! Not everyone has this kind of information”. She persuaded me some more and I asked her “Ok, if I am to charge for this, how much is a fair price for people that are just starting up?”. She said she would give me $20 for that one hour. 

So here I am. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge throughout my entrepreneurship journey that I need to share. I am constantly writing down resources as I find them and if I remember, I’ve been keeping that log for over a year now so you can imagine how many resources it has. 
Receiving those gifts was not only timely but extremely re-assuring that someone appreciated my work to the level of sending me something to say thank you. And just so you know how depressed I was that day, I threw on my Dashiki, a pair of jeans AND HEELS to make the Walmart run I had been too bummed out to make earlier in the day. I’ve never thought of wearing heels to Walmart but you should have seen me gliding in that dashiki and my heels. We all need a confidence boost / picker-upper from time to time. Girlfriend, I am grateful and glad I could serve you! Thank you!!!

Re-assured, I kept sharing this flyer I’d designed over the weekend and got quite a good number of responses. I was stoked!
Oh, remember I said I do this unconsciously? In addition to the appointments I got via email, a random conversation with a friend who didn’t know I was doing this turned into an entrepreneurship counseling session. 

Days 2 – 4: We worked!!!

Day 5-7: We rested and recharged! 



Excuse the blue ink. I edited out that little typo
Excuse the blue ink. I edited out that little typo

You can connect with these young entrepreneurs via Yomi Styling and Tonka’s Designs.
It was great talking to you, ladies!

My Conclusion

This week of service was well needed! I feel so much more rejuvenated to pursue Memkoh dealings…you will soon see. 

With my growing wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, I am happy to share my knowledge with fellow young entrepreneurs. Most of all, I am happy to be of service to anyone who is currently writing their story of “Growing Pains”. Email me any time at – It’ll be $20 for a quick 30-45 minute chat about your business and $60 for a one hour chat plus a weekly/bi-weekly accountability check-up where I’ll call you to ask for progress reports/significant milestones achieved since our last conversation.
You will soon find this new service in my Shop tab.

Lastly, we have a new newsletter coming out this week. Stay in the know here and view all young entrepreneurship videos here

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