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#WeddingWednesday | Your Wedding Planner is not your Stylist!

…much like your mother isn’t your wedding make-up artist.

Our last Wedding Wednesday post chronicled Why You Need a Wedding Stylist and in today’s post, we’ll buttress that point even more.

I will first take a personal stance when I say that I understand it may be convenient for an event planning house to take styling under its wing and offer this as one of their services. On the professional side, there is the issue of specialization. What is your specialty? I can wake up tomorrow and start planning weddings, but at the core of that business, you will know my background is in styling and as such, the event planning aspect is merely an add-on. 
I will explain.

Take a broadway show for instance. It would be very convenient and cost-effective to have one person act out all the parts and possibly stick to one costume to further reduce costs. However, there is a greater importance to put on a show where everyone plays their part i.e. have enough people on stage and back-stage.

What this instance proves is that no matter what, everyone has and should have their specialty / what they are known for. On the contrary, what I have found to be prevalent in the wedding industry is people with a little monopoly going on, from referring clients to the same network of vendors (regardless of the couple’s style or preference) to enacting the same scene (or very similar setups) for most weddings. Your wedding planner can only do so much, with vendors here and there to be taken care of, deadlines to set, supplies to be bought, etc.

Wardrobe styling for weddings further brings things to a personal level with the couple. So instead of “what glitz and glam do you want for your big, humongous day?”, the wedding styling forces clients to introspect and answer the question “What do you want for yourself on your big day?”. Initially, you might think this question is not relevant, but when you put into account the colors, textures, layers, feathers, shimmer, shine, gold, etc. that surround a wedding day, it is absolutely important to make sure that this couple (both bride and groom) are seen in the decor and layout as much as in their entire attire and with every outfit swap.  

Here’s the point you wonder – So how can I make all of this happen?

With the Wedding Styling service by Memkoh, all couples are ensured of a listening ear who takes their personality into account. As much as the wedding planner has links with the vendors, I will be able to intercede on behalf of a couple if they don’t feel comfortable with any vendors recommendations. Because I am taking the couple’s persona into account for the wedding styling, I will also be well suited to work with other vendors to brainstorm ways to better portray the couple’s taste. If at any point the couple’s personal style seems compromised in the event detailing/outline, I will make it my duty to check in with the couple and suggest a better plan of action, but I will in no way try to replace the event planner; I’d rather work hand in hand with the planner because there are 2 parties to any event – the guests and the host(s). From my understanding, the guests are the planner’s responsibility while the host(s) is/are my responsibility. Breaking things down this way not only ensures specialization, but a note-worthy event that doesn’t just fly by when the day comes.

To couples, I understand that weddings can be a financial burden, but they really don’t have to if you put yourself and your financial limit in mind first. In a bid to save costs however, you should not sacrifice what is important to you, which I would hope is getting a wedding ceremony that best portrays your style – not what is trending in the wedding industry, not what your wedding planner did at your cousin’s wedding, etc.. Your wedding, like I’ve said multiple times is a reflection of YOU (both bride and groom) and what you both stand for.

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