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On Saturdays, we shop!


Took this week off to assist fellow upcoming entrepreneurs (more on that later).

For now, I wanted to notify you of our #ShoppingSaturdays on Get excited!

Click to shop
Click to shop

Every Saturday at noon, head on here to my site and look out for the “Shop my Closet” menu option. It’ll come up at noon and go down on Sunday at 11:59pm. Sometimes, I let it run longer but ideally, this is a weekend shop and I want you guys to partake in it as much as you can. Get gifts for your bestie, or get items for yourself. Don’t say “oh, but Memkoh isn’t my size” so I don’t have to bother checking out the weekend store.


I always try to have items in various sizes. You’ll see this size L kimono for sale today and one size fits all items like sunglasses, beach totes, beach sandals and more!

Tell your friends about it. Let’s have fun and shop till we drop or till our bank accounts drop, whichever comes first! 😛 What are you waiting for? Shop here now!

Happy #ShoppingSaturday,

Oh and if you’d rather Venmo or PayPal the amount instead of checking out online, use “Memkoh” for Venmo and “” for PayPal. Also leave your address for shipping. 
I’m always reachable via email at

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