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STYLE | Navigating Your Closet

Our recent #TalkTuesday topics have been centered around fashion and how to redo your closet to reflect your style. I halted this series to actually bring you an article I wrote for Style Me Africa that guides you on how to navigate your closet. 

I hope you find it useful. Each tip runs into the next 😉

Does this feeling seem familiar?
Does this feeling seem familiar?

Navigating Your Closet

Women – the only creatures who possess a full closet and a laundry machine drudgingly spinning its third cycle, while still complaining of having no clothes. I do it, you do it, we all do it and there is no denying this. It will be selfish of me as a personal shopper to fill your closet with delectable and tasteful items without telling you how to work with what you already have. This won’t be the “pair black with white and red” guide, but a simple and efficient way to fall in love with your closet all over again.

1.     Staying organized: Every item I own, whether in my closet, suitcases, laundry bag 1 (unwashed) or laundry bag 2 (washed but pleading to be folded) are in a mental picture. Use as many storage bins as you need and if it helps, color code your hangers by dresses, shirts, skirts, and so on. This way, once an item comes to mind, you’ll immediately know where to look. It’s about well do you know your closet?
Hmmmm…how well do you know your closet?

2.     Knowing your closet: You can’t possibly get dressed in seconds for an event if you have no idea of what your closet stacks especially the hidden treasures. Do you have more skirts than dresses? Or perhaps more bottoms in general than tops? (guilty). What’s the dominant color scheme or pattern in your closet? Knowing exactly what you have to work with is a good step in the right direction to

3.     Understanding your needs: Once you know what you already own, take a step back and assess if your clothes fit your lifestyle in actuality. Are you merely following trends or do you genuinely adore that full skirt that has become a playground for the spiders in your closet? Be true to yourself. Any item that’s not worthy of being in your closet should be passed when

4.     Cleaning your closet: Do it! I’m calling all hoarders, myself included, to go ahead and donate or sell those clothes, shoes, bags that you’ll never wear again. Ok, fine, you are allowed to keep A FEW items you think you might wear down the line (not just the ones you just like to stare at). After this intense screening process, you will be well in need of a

Call all your girls! It's time to shop.
Call all your girls! It’s time to shop.

5.     Shopping Spree: Hallelujah! Compare prices, seek out coupon codes and don’t be pressured by what’s trending. Stay true to your style, and as much as possible, refresh your style because some looks truly do get old.

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