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#TalkTuesday with Memkoh: What’s in YOUR Closet?

This month, our #TalkTuesday conversations will revolve around fashion and style, specifically YOUR sense of style. 

It’s amazing! Whenever we think of style, our individual styles, we immediately think of going to the mall or checking out online. It shouldn’t be so and I found this out recently when I told myself I have no clothes; you know, that thing women say often. Only that this time, I meant it. I started writing down what I needed to add to my closet and soon realized, I needed to backtrack.

What was it that I currently had in my closet, that didn’t quite make me feel like I owned any sensible clothes? Answering that question was really the only way I could start my journey to building a new, more “me” closet and I’ve decided to do this with you.

So…using the comment box or the form below, tell me…

What is in YOUR closet?

Name *

P.s. This is a 4-week-long challenge and at the end, you will be better informed of your style sense before you head to the shopping malls to update your closet. 

See you again next week!

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