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The “Baby” Angle

Something interesting happened last week via my Twitter. I tweeted:

The next day, I saw a message in my inbox from someone (let’s call him Chris) who was curious to know what this meant. So I found myself reaching deeper to provide an explanation for my 2-second idea, for this person who was curious enough to ask.

Here’s the conversation:

Chris: “How to succeed in today’s fast paced world: a) Find a baby. b) Nurture it. A baby will always grow. Hype will fade. Food for the wise.
Could u explain this pls. What do you mean by a baby?”

Memkoh: Hello! It’s nice of you to dm me to clarify this.
If you think of your idea or business as a baby, you’re picturing something really small that seems powerless and almost fragile.
Treating your idea/business as a baby then means that you’re nurturing it daily, to grow. It means that you’re not in a hurry to make your baby become an adult because you know it eventually will.
And by doing that, one day leads to the other, and this hypothetical baby, your business is a college graduate aka successful. It occurred to me that thinking this way will serve as a reality check and help us take calculated risks (baby steps as they call it) towards the attainment of our goals and subsequently, the success of our visions…instead of the all-too-common hype approach that’s plaguing our society.

What’s your take? Hope I cleared up your confusion. Thanks again for reaching out & giving me the chance to explain further. It actually made me think deeper. Might share on my blog.

Chris: Wow. Thanks for the clarification. I now understand what you are talking about better.
With your clarification I would start approaching things from the “baby” angle it seems to work better.

P.S I think everybody should approach most things from
the “baby” angle.
– “Chris”

And here, we have it – The “Baby” angle!
I hope “Chris” and I’s conversation is useful to anyone who’s reading this. Most of all, I hope we can abide by it.

It seems slow and painful to nurture a baby, with all the late nights and diaper changes. But if done diligently, it’ll be so worth it!
– Memkoh

“Chris”, thank you for being bold enough to ask for clarification on something you didn’t quite understand and for the ensuing conversation. You birthed this article! 🙂

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Have a great week ahead!

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