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Happiness: With or Without You.


Happiness: With or Without You

Last year, I dated a guy then the sun went down on our relationship. Earlier this year when we spoke, he said I seemed happy, to which I responded, “Did you expect less?”.

It didn’t quite hit me why he asked this till months later, after I heard too many people equating their happiness to having a significant other. For lack of a better way to put it, my happiness is a constant journey, with or without a man by my side.
The pursuit of happiness should be a constant, not a variable that depends on who is or is not in your life. Although life is not always kind enough to leave you happy constantly, the tough times should be seen as layovers, after which you should get on board and continue that journey. But there is a stark difference between happiness and contentment which I shall address later. *

For now, be the best possible version of yourself (as corny as that sounds) because only by so doing will you attract someone who will love to share in your happiness.
Yes! That is personally all I want – someone to share in my happiness (and vice versa) not someone to make me happy (and vice versa).

And if you don’t agree, ask yourself if you have been able to make yourself happy, not once or twice. How then will you be willing to open up for someone else to make you happy or how will you be able to make someone happy?

by: Memkoh

I was counting how many notebooks I harbor and concurrently started flipping through the pages of the book that housed this article. It was written many years ago.

With our recent #TalkTuesday discussions centered on Women’s Issues, I felt it pertinent to share this article for any woman who’s having a tough time redefining her identity after a break-up or an abusive episode. Remember, everything truly starts from the inside and your outlook on things. Here, I shared with you a personal decision I made that has shaped everything. 

You can do this too. Be bold! Stand up to whoever tries to put you down (reference Line 2 in this article). 

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I’ll be back next Monday with another unpublished draft. Check back at noon.

I obviously never did.

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