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5 Classy Date Night Looks that will Rock Your World


The First Date – Still strangers

They say “don’t do too much”. I say “Do just enough; do you!” Follow your guts for this first date. Don’t play by the rules else you will be played. In addition, it is very typical for women to feel sexy / alluring for that first date and this look does just that and balances it with an air of class. Nothing’s hanging out yet there’s still a touch of sexiness. No judgement zone; it’s just how we roll around here.




Original Post – Thanksgiving Look 1

The Second Date – A lil familiarity

Now that you’ve bagged the second date (see victory dance above and thank me later 😀 ), you are thinking of what to wear. You most likely still have your walls up; at least I would, so know that it will reflect in what you decide to wear. Now is the time to get honest with yourself – is this a free dinner affair or something you’d like to progress into a mutually beneficial relationship? Go ‘head! You decide.




Original Post – #4WaystoWear Memkoh x YetundeSarumi

The Third Date – Established Grounds

By now, hopefully both parties know where they are headed except this is just an “I’m bored and need company” situation. But ideally, from your third date onwards, you should be completely comfortable with this person. Else, I’m not sure why you’re still trying. Hey! Free dinner is always a good idea though if you’re not splitting bills. Your choice. I’m just here to make sure your look rocks.




Original post – Christmas Lookbook

The Fourth Date – Do I need to re-introduce myself?

This is the ultimate moment of CLARITY!…if you didn’t get it already, that is. So you better ask that question we all hate asking over dinner. Or maybe you don’t need to ask because no declaration of intent is intentional after-all…to waste your time. Are we here for that? On the flip-side, if things are all rosey and rose-petal-y, here’s that look.



Original Post – A Whiff of Spring: Lace & Pastels

The Fifth Date – You gat me and I gatchu!

By now, you should be celebrating birthdays and all that fun couple-y stuff. And honestly, if you don’t truly feel that “You gat me and I gatchu” vibe, then run! Say no to those free dinners. Papa John’s and Wendy’s gatchu!

But if things are doing great, Yaassss girl, yaaaaaasssssss! Pat yourself and your significant other on the back and head out to a super fancy place for your date. Usually, I find that by now, most women would have slacked in their outfits. Oh no, honey! If anything, you need to ramp it up as your relationship progresses. As with anything in life, why decline?




Original post: Valentine’s Day Edit: Red

B for B-b-BONUS – So far, the above looks have been with the woman who absolutely loves to get dressed in mind. Here’s a look that’s easy for any budget, body-frame or frame of mind for that matter a.k.a “I’m only going because I’ll feel bad if I say no”. Turns out you’ll still rock and kick bullets (my new favorite thing to say)



Original Post: Christmas Wishes – Yeka x Memkoh


Also, every look in this post will work for a classy date night look.

Thank you for viewing and let me know your favorite look. If you experiment with any, use the hashtag #MemkohInspired. Join the recent #TalkTuesday discussion here on “Why Women Stay in Bad Relationships”.

Till next time,
– Memkoh

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