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Introducing: The Memkoh Box


You’ve followed my journey this long; you’ve seen my very affordable yet eclectic style. Now it’s time for me to be of service to you.


The Memkoh Box At a Glance:

  • How much have you paid in bills this year?…How much have you kept aside for yourself?
  • What? Seasonal Boxes – Fall & Spring. Fall box contains Fall/Winter essentials. Spring box contains Spring/Summer essentials.
  • For who? Ladies and Gents
  • Frequency: Quarterly (once every 3 months)
  • Plans: Clueless – $180 Dedicated – $320 Prestige – $650
  • Perks: Seasonal closet essentials and full outfits on request
  • Clueless    – 5 wishes, 1 surprise No wishes, all surprises Dedicated – 6 wishes, 2 surprises Prestige    – 8 wishes, 3 surprises Keep reading to see how you can unlock the 5 wishes, 1 surprise option for the Clueless box.
  • Rollover: Funds roll over to the next quarter. i.e. if you got the Clueless box and your items came to a total of $120, the balance will roll over to the next month.
  • Stylist fee: 16% of the price of each box plan.
  • Returns: All are processed by Memkoh. Send back your unworn, unused items within 14 business days to the address enclosed in your package.
  • Extra Perk: If you subscribe 3 times, you are no longer confined to the quarterly frequency i.e. subscribe 3 times and you can always get a new box anytime, even 2 weeks after your last box arrived.

One of my friends, Yeka sent me a link to every subscription box she found. But she never got anyone of them; I wondered why. That birthed the idea of my unique subscription box that I’ve had sitting in my house since last October (2015). Before my design conceptualization, I did some research and being a subscription aficionado myself, I knew all the pitfalls and common issues with subscription boxes. Then came the questions and worries – Will my audience like this? Will anyone pay? What if they complain it’s too expensive? Will I be able to convince my audience to enroll? There were tons and tons of questions and of course, then came the biggest question – how will I market it? Do I have the resources to go fancy? I had a bit of work done in February that didn’t quite come out right. I planned a video shoot that won’t be happening any time soon. So yesterday, I took The Memkoh Box, my camera, found a location and got to work. Because in the words of The Memkoh Newsletter that went out this week, “Nobody ever accomplished anything by saying“What if? Oh! What if?…””And of course, this launch is nothing fancy fancy but in The Memkoh Newsletter Volume 1, we said “Just Start” right? Let’s try to live by our words.

That was some advice for my #DearYoungEntrepreneurs.

Now that you know the story, I’ll tell you about the product.

So, what is The Memkoh Box?

The Memkoh Box is a seasonal no-brainer way to update your closet. It is an investment in your personal style once every quarter because realistically do you need new clothes every month? That’s on you to decide. I believe that with a few new items and your previously existing ones, you can constantly reinvent your style and gradually clean out your closet, whichever you prefer. The Memkoh Box differs from most subscription services in that I will not be filling these boxes with samples of products you may never use. Instead, I will work tirelessly with you to fulfill your wish list and obviously throw in delectable surprises along the way. Regardless of the plan you select, Memkoh will provide you with seasonal essentials as well as items to enhance your closet – Fall Box for Fall/Winter essentials; Spring Box for Spring/Summer essentials.

Each subscription is akin to a styling appointment because every item that arrives at your doorstep has been selected just for you, sans any templates. I am not receiving random merchandize from any vendor or wholesaler to tuck into these boxes. Rather, I will be going out into the nooks and crannies of every store, and perusing all well-known and hidden online resources to bring you items that suit your unique taste and lifestyle. You might wonder: “But I don’t have any particular taste. I can go with just about anything”. That’s where the Clueless Box comes in. As you saw above, the Clueless box should be just that: clueless, with no option of a wish list but once you subscribe today, you unlock this feature of having 3-5 wish list items and 1 surprise item added to your box. The chances of getting items checked off your wish list increases as you step up your subscription preference, so do the surprises. I am sure the wish list aspect is self-explanatory i.e. “Memkoh, I need a button down work shirt, gold heels, bronze bracelets, quirky print top, etc. For the “X surprises” feature, with every box subscription, you are essentially giving Memkoh the liberty to wow you with just about anything, in addition to your wish list items. It could be an extra pair of shoes, or jewelry, or a festive nail polish, or an eyeshadow palette, or extra clothes…anything! And I’ll do this for all boxes.

Please note: Your wish list can be accompanied by pictures of similar items. We don’t duplicate here, but we’ll get you pretty close, and most likely it’ll be a better option.

For the Gents

Yes, this box is for both my ladies, and the gentlemen. The only difference will be in the number of items. Clueless box will be 3 items, 1 surprise Dedicated box will be 5 items, 2 surprises Prestige box will be 7 items, 3 surprises Why? Because a girl can get a $10 dress and look bangin’. But if a guy wears a shirt originally priced at $10, he will look like he invented the word tacky. We don’t want that, so let’s stay realistic about the prices of men’s items, keeping in mind that a solid pair of shoes retails to about the cost of a Clueless Box. But we’ll make it work and any adjustments needed will be communicated to you.


If you are like me, you love taking tags off your new clothes. It’s that crowning, glorifying moment. But what happens if you take off the tag and the item doesn’t fit? So I’m taking it upon myself to carefully remove all tags from clothing items to be included in your Memkoh Box so that it’ll be handy should you need to return said item(s). This way, we’re sure you won’t lose the tag or your money, provided you return your item unworn within 14 business days. Also, to replicate the emotionally gratifying moment of yanking tags off new clothes, I will be attaching Memkoh Box tags to every item of clothing so you’ll still feel that sentiment of wearing something new. Of course, if the item was thrifted, there will be no tags in the first place.


The value here is that you are getting 6-8, even 11 products (Prestige Box!) that you truly need and will use, not filler items to give you an impression of a full box. So sit back, relax pull out your credit card and let’s get to work!. The First 20 subscribers today will get a $30 bonus applied to their next box. That’s $180 worth of items in your second Memkoh Clueless Box; $370 for your Dedicated Box and $700 for your Prestige Box. Get Started here or use the form at the end.

Additionally, you can save 20% off your first Memkoh Box. Sign up to my newsletter here.

In the future, I hope to partner with local artisans to bring their products closer to my clients who will appreciate and be interested in them. Again, I will not throw in samples of products in every box if I know said product will not match or enhance your style.

Your Style + Your Lifestyle + Time of the year + Your Preferred Subscription = Your Memkoh Box

Get started here to Make it Yours!

Your Stylist, Memkoh


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