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#TalkTuesday with Memkoh: International Women’s Day

With yesterday being International Women’s Day (whoop whoop), we really had no chance to have a discussion. However, what I would like you all to check out is this video of a panel event I attended in my school, with women from India, Sri Lanka, China and South Korea.

They opened up about what being a woman is like in their countries as well as strides and legislations put in place to combat those issues and bring women’s welfare to a better standing.


The Panel Discussion Video

This is why I did not post a #TalkTuesday topic; I was already having one that I planned to share with you. It is nice to learn from others and I hope we can talk about the issues these women raised a bit more. Hearing them talk made me more confident and realize that the topics we have delved into so far are pertinent, especially that amazing week we discussed rape. Other topics to look forward to this month are domestic violence and abuse of any sort, discrimination of women in the work place and other general topics surrounding women’s affairs. I’ll need your help and your input so please submit your questions to

My Outfit

Now, to show you where you’ve seen everything in this look before,
the blazer – here
the skirt – here, here, here. You will see this skirt again in tomorrow’s post 🙂
the top – here
the heels – here

Hope you learned something about women’s affairs in another country other than yours, as well as gained an understanding of how to rework items in your closet.
See you again soon.

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