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Guest Article | I See God in You

I know you enjoyed last week’s article “Why I want to get married: The ridiculous reasons no one says” and in it, I said “If you enjoyed that and want to continue seeing guest articles here, please email Nudge your roommate or friend who writes, even a teeny weeny bit. We want to hear the awesomeness or ridiculousness! :)”.Well, someone is here to share some awesomeness / wisdom with us and I hope you enjoy and gain from it. Let’s hear your opinions in the comment box. 

I See God in You

Three most overused words on the planet, “I love you.” You know it’s true. I don’t believe in love. I don’t mean all kinds of love. I believe in familial love. The one kind I refuse to believe in is just the obsessive, jealous, hormonal love between two undersexed human beings. Did that apply to you? Sorry, not sorry. I have my definition for it, you have yours. It’s an opinion and like a certain part of the body, we all have one.

I gained my definition of what love is from the weirdest place ever, a Bollywood movie. I don’t remember which one but it was in the days when the only Indian actor I cared about was Sharukh Khan, so I know he was the male lead. It’s not the regular love story you see where boy girl meet and it’s love at first sight, but it’s an old one we all know. Guy falls in love at first sight, girl, not so much as a like…


But they get married out of convenience and as usual it’s his mission to make her fall for him. Yada, yada, yada. And blah, blah, blah. I got one thing out of this movie though, love or what I have come to accept that it’s truly supposed to be. The girl finally falls for him and her words struck me as relevant.

“I see my God in you!”

I remember that quote because it rings in my mind everyday. I am a Christian, so I believe that God is love. Truly, I have been asked what is love and my answer has always been “God.” You may agree with me or not ; that is your business, but as my fingers fly across this keyboard, I know I am right. Let me explain!

As a child of God, I have grown to believe that only God is perfect, and from what I hear, the perfect person for you, or so-called “true-love” is supposed to make you feel like you are perfect and can do anything you set your mind or brain to. They are like a drug, taking control of your mind and leaving you breathless. They understand you more than you do yourself and are like your obsession. Your every waking hour is spent wishing they were by your side. They are by your side in good and bad, never letting you feel like you are alone. Forgive me if some of these sound too much like a Harlequin book—I have read way too many of them.

Now, as you sit here and read, I am sure you have said “I love you” at least once or twice (unless you are like me) or take it too seriously to just say it to anyone. Even with that, you probably have said it. Did you do any of the things listed in the last paragraph for the other person, or have they done that for you?

See, I was right. I think the only person I have met who can do this and has done it is God. Let me clear something up here before I continue, God here does not just refer to that of the Christians, but any higher being your religion worships. Remember, I took it from Bollywood and applied it to myself.

I would advise anyone reading this to redefine what “love” is to them. If you think I’m right, good for you. If you don’t, good for you too. Refer to my earlier statement on opinions and body parts.

As for me, I will be sitting at Starbucks watching all those who say “I love you” while sipping on my caramel macchiato.

by: Naa Dedei Coleman
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Thank you and see you again soon. 🙂

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