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I managed to get out how I was feeling earlier this week, in a short post on Instagram. Here goes…


I walk into the hall, amidst loud cheers.

Nervous, I pick up the mic and instead of the usual “Thank you”, I scream back into the mic “Don’t Scream My Name”.
The crowd gasps…

I continue. “I appreciate you all for coming here, but please do not scream my name.
When I needed you, you were nowhere to be found. You were lurking around somewhere, saying, “What is she doing? Is this thing a joke? Who is she?…

So go home and scream the name of your friend or family member who is working to take that idea a little further. Go back to your respective communities and scream the name of that little boy or girl that is doing amazing things yet invisible. Oh and lest I forget, that “weird” kid in class is not really weird; just a bag of ideas without support. Scream his/her name.

– ©Memkoh2016

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