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#TalkTuesday with Memkoh: Video Recap on Depression

Happy Happy Friday, everyone! Did you miss this week’s #TalkTuesdaywithMemkoh centered on the hush-hush topic depression? So many heart felt responses were given and you can find them here. Prior to that, I had recorded a video. I’m happy to have the opportunity to gather such a wide range of opinions and tips on these seldom discussed issues and I’d like you to join me every Tuesday.


In this video, I discussed last week’s #TalkTuesday where we zoned in on Rape and I also read out everyone’s responses. Trust me, this was amazing! Then I switched over to talk about this week’s topic, beginning with the note I received from the lady who suggested it and ending with my view on the subject.

More videos will be recorded if you send me your questions – It can be as simple as the question itself or as descriptive as the thought that sparked the question. Note that you can choose to be anonymous and I will respect that.

Thank you once again for joining me on this amazing journey! And please look out for someone – the weak ones, the strong ones, anyone!

All my love,

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