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Valentine’s Day Edit: Red

You didn’t think That Jeans Chic was the only look I’d be sharing with you for Valentine’s Day, did you? That effortless look was rightfully for the Valentine’s Day snobs (raises hands) or anyone who understands that dressing up for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to involve dripping in red. Plus, I know that you already know to wear red…just not in this manner.

Did you catch the little story in this video? 😀

Pictures, if that’s more of your thing.

You recognize this dress; don’t you? It was in my Christmas Lookbook.

Meanwhile, I never told you the story of my bangs. I walked into a hair store in Ikota Shopping Complex in Lagos and asked for extensions. They pulled out one bundle of 3 and I asked for the price. Over 100k! Wait! I pulled out my phone to make sense of this price with the last exchange rate I knew (280 Naira to a dollar). $360+ for hair??? Nahhh blaad! I then told my hair stylist who was with me to please help me find the cheapest hair as I was going to use the style for only 2 weeks. I could feel the judgemental looks from the store lady. Yes, I can’t afford 100k hair. Mind your own wallet, please. It took a bit of indecisiveness as I had a strict budget that day but I did not want to walk away with a sponge (crappy weave) regardless. I went a little over my budget (5k) but made sure it came to less than 10 thousand Naira. My stylist did an AMAZING job with the bangs. But picture this. Mem goes home, she knows she should shower immediately… but laziness, so she makes dinner, realizes she can’t really see the food because the bangs are in her face and poking her eyelids, she looks around the house for a pair of scissors, finds them and spends a good amount of time chopping them away. Mind you, the scissors was blunt.

By the time I went downstairs, dinner was over. *tear emoji*

I fell in love with this cape from Elan Red. It definitely is a stunner.


Outfit details in the video 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day again!


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