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#WeddingWednesday | Rings & Lingerie

#WeddingWednesday sounds a bit too basic for the kind of wedding inspiration we share here. So I’m taking it back to the first hashtag I used while sharing a wedding-related post – Whimsical Wednesday. It’s truly how I want every bride and groom styled by Memkoh to feel…Whimsical!
Today, we’ll be discussing Rings & Lingerie!. Weird combination, right? Not so much.

I’ll tell you why.

The man proposes to his bride, they get married and somewhere, somehow, two sets of parents / families are expecting grand kids. So it all starts with a ring – that carefully chosen piece of rock or dainty metal – and the race/stress ends on the wedding night after the couple bid their guests goodbye. Can you now see why the ring and lingerie choices are essential? Let’s dive into the sources of our inspiration and where to shop them.


I’ll be shifting your focus away from the commonly available rings on the market to a more unique, rare find – Black Tungsten bands. You need to see these pictures. (Click each ring to expand)

All rings are from RingsParadise. Click here to see more of this kind of ring.


The options here are endless – Bodysuits, chemises, garter belts, garter skirts, babydolls, kimonos, hosiery. I’ll leave it up to future brides to decide whether they want to be naughty or nice.

All lingerie pictures above are from LaSenza.

From top left, Push-up Babydoll, Red Lace bodysuit, Push-up Lace bodysuit, Lace garter skirt, Front-close Push-up Babydoll

Bonus: Forget Victoria’s Secret

Our dear Victoria’s Secret Angels make us forget that in fact, other bra & panties stores exist. I did a little bit of digging and found these darlings.

  • True & co – I’m about to wild out on this online store, bank account permitting. You should too. Their bras seem to have an amazing fit. That’s what you need in an everyday bra.
  • LaSenza – You’ve seen their naughty and nice looks above but they actually have really nice, comfortable day-to-day bras & panties at good prices. My first bra was from LaSenza (not that I need those things) 😀
  • For Love & Lemons – Oh.em.geee! Sorry I can’t even be professional anymore. Not for this store. Look at those lace details (click to view pictures).
    Once I make my first purchase, I’m never going back! The third burgundy bralette makes me want to wear skirts and bralettes ALL Day long!

    Pictures c/o ForLoveandLemons

  • Third Love – they have a fit finder app that helps you determine your right bra size. Here’s how it works. I really like this option because most women often find themselves in wrong bra sizes. Oh and guess what? They have HALF SIZES! Honestly I’m not sure why no one ever thought of this but I bet it’ll solve so many women’s problems. Check out their 24/7 Classic bras; the reviews are great.
  • Aerie – you know that American Eagle extension for underwear? Certainly the most affordable of them all. There’s this $20 bralette sale they had…wait. It’s still on!
    I highly recommend Aerie bras, especially their lace cuties. They are the most comfortable yet and not even my VS bras can measure up (cue over-stuffed padded bras).
  • Alrighty ladies, gents, future brides and grooms. I hope I was able to help you with your Rings & Lingerie dilemma. Any further questions should be directed to me at I reply within 24 hours (or minutes!)

    Love Always.

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